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Saint Francis: the Key to Reading Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment

The Ministers General of the Franciscan Family offer their joy and thanks for publication of Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Laudato sì, on care for our common home”

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Franciscans International Board (FI)

Announcement - Franciscans International Board will begin a new term with their meeting from April 17-19, 2015.
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Propositum / New edition

Proposed theme 2015

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Recognizing the challenges of today’s world, we accept our responsibility for all of creation. In contemplation and through prophetic action, we dream, explore and take new risks.

Christmas, 2014

“God has humbly bent down and lifted the dust of our nature into unity with His own person.”

Bonaventure (Sermon II on the Nativity of the Lord).

December 2014
IFC-TOR Council
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Assistance Request

Letter regarding the financial situation of Franciscans International (FI)

Conference of the Franciscan Family (CFF)

29 November 2014
Feast of All the Franciscan Saints
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31st General Chapter
Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity
4-26 October 2014

S. Deborah Lockwood / Minister General

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New Edition / 2014

Proposed theme 2014

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Together in simplicity and Franciscan joy, as God’s instruments we participate in transforming the world

  Letter about Propositum


Regarding Propositum, how will the issues look?
In today’s world what is the best way of the use of our resources?

Please send your articles for Propositum!
We ask for your first article by May 15, 2014.


“Peace and all Good!”

On behalf of the IFC-TOR welcome!
The IFC-TOR web site is conceived of as an instrument of collaboration and peace. It is a meeting point for those who wish to know about us and have news of the International Franciscan Conference-TOR.

It hopes to be a source of information and a means to know the history of the Brothers and Sisters of the Third Order Regular, the aims of the Conference, in how many and which countries of the world they are present members, their addresses and important information about each associated Institution.

In addition the site has the messages issued during the last General Assembly (a meeting held every four years in Assisi).

The IFC-TOR publishes a periodical Propositum, as a further means of sharing the message of the Franciscan Family.

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