Wild Growth Oil | Food4Patriots company does not mention any side effects or adverse reactions associated with the consumption of their foods. Food4Patriots offers three supply options each of which comes with its own food options. You can purchase power cells or even a solar battery to power your home or solar cooker (a product also sold by 4Patriots). This information can be received upon buying this or that product only. The other products sold by them are well-received, too. They are heat resistant and have a five-year shelf life, making them a great choice for your bug-out bag or hurricane box. SO I NOT ONLY LOST MY SPOT , I HAVE YET TO BE CALLED BACK !! We can do that , you won't even lose your spot .!! Another bonus is Top 10 Items Sold Out After Crisis. You will also receive a list of tips on how to Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half. Food 4 Patriots kits are available in three different packages. Supplies also vary in price. The Sun Kettle Solar Cooker by 4Patriots offers a convenient way to cook your food if you don’t have power. Ouai Hair Oil. So, you will need to eat two portions or stay hungry. Operation Homefront is another company on the donation’s list. CB-1 Weight Gainer | I shared with her that I was very impressed with 4Patriots because on my previous ordered a month ago, one of the food packages had a year and within a week they sent me a replacement. They sell freeze-dried foods like berries and vegetables. NoctuRest | These bonuses include the Water Survival Guide. Summing up, I should say that Food4Patriots food sets are not worth buying, unless you have no better options. Complete meals scientifically engineered to store and last: Food parcels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are packaged in airtight containers that are easy to conceal, store and move. Servings are too small. When comparing 4Patriots to its competitors, you’ll find lots of alternatives. Please refund my money. The company doesn't freeze dry its food to make it last longer. Many, like the four-pack of tactical flashlights, are just $99. So, Food 4Patriots is pre-packaged, survival food kits that can provide the nutrition you need when everything else has gone bad. The company has a customer-centered approach that has worked well in its marketing and day-to-day functioning. In addition, this food is claimed to be delicious, even though it's hard to believe. WARNING: DO NOT BUY Food4Patriots Until You Read This Review! However, the most common complaints we encountered during research were failing to receive the product, and poor customer service. There are few legitimate online reviews. In addition to these bonuses, each customer gets a free seed vault and free survival tool. So I pressed the pound button. Dana. From a customer satisfaction standpoint, there appear to be a limited number of legitimate online reviews. These are all available for purchase online and they ship quickly - right to your door. They use a low heat dehydration method to dry the food for better storing in future. You can also email at [email protected]. Neuro SLEEP | They even sell a Freedom Fridge that can help keep your food cold during a power outage. The main difference between the two companies has to do with shipping. This set costs $197 ($7/day). One Week Food Supply (16 servings) includes Blue Ribbon Chicken Cheesy Rice (4), Traveler's Stew (4), Lumberjack Vegetable Beef Stew (4) and Granny's Homestyle Potato Soup (4). When it comes to survival food, they have several options. Food4Patriots is the name of the company offering special food that would be always on hand, no matter how long a disaster lasts. What a load of crap! During emergency situations stress is a big factor in determining human health; therefore, the body requires wholesome, nutritious and safe food to counteract negative influences during these times. I had some of the same problems as Brenda (in the review above) with the customer service. Unfortunately, your 2-Star review (intended for the author) will be attributed to the company, which, judging by your praise would have likely been 5 Stars. Not only does 4Patriots donate to A Soldier’s Child Foundation, a charity that helps the children of fallen soldiers, but it also donates to the Fisher House Foundation, another military-focused charity. Herpecin L | Well, it didn't work. And no I do not work for them nor have I purchased their products. But in reality, everyone of us has different needs, so survival kits should be different too, We are not aware of the ingredients of those food sets, I cannot recommend you purchasing Food 4 Patriots kits.

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