• Copying is not … It seems this is a common issue from what I've seen on the net - lots of people with issues getting surround sound working correctly. • Connect two surround back speakers. Audio is not output from the surround speaker… I have a 4.0 speaker … • Copying between a source such as DVD and a VCR is not usually possible, as DVDs are often encoded with copy-protection signals that prevent VCR recording. I have a PS4 plugged into a Denon amp, which is in turn plugged into a projector - all using HDMI. Copying from DVD to VCR is not possible. • Surround back speaker set to 1. When “Speaker Config.” - “Surr. Back” is set to “2 spkrs”, “Speaker Config.” - “Center” is set to “Large” or “Small”, and sound mode is set to “IMAX DTS”, surround audio is output from the surround back speaker. O.k then if all the routing is done correctly as it appears and the power amp to surround back +wiring and speakers are working as confirmed earlier , in other words if everything is up to par then your denon …

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