What does axiomatic system mean? Axiomatic definition, pertaining to or of the nature of an axiom; self-evident; obvious. The word comes from the Greek axíōma (ἀξίωμα) 'that which is thought worthy or fit' or 'that which commends itself as evident.'. Meaning of axiomatic system. Axiomatic System A logical system which possesses an explicitly stated set of axioms from which theorems can be derived. Axiomatic system synonyms, Axiomatic system pronunciation, Axiomatic system translation, English dictionary definition of Axiomatic system. See more. Definition of axiomatic system in the Definitions.net dictionary. In mathematics, an axiomatic system is any set of axioms from which some or all axioms can be used in conjunction to logically derive theorems.A theory is a consistent, relatively-self-contained body of knowledge which usually contains an axiomatic system and all its derived theorems. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples [1] An axiomatic system that is completely described is a special kind of formal system. ‘It is axiomatic that the effective operation of our system of justice is contingent upon the existence of sufficient public confidence in its ability to perform its functions.’ ‘And when you start caring about sports in Philadelphia, it's pretty much axiomatic that you're going to get your heart broken.’ The term has subtle differences in definition when used in the context of different fields of study. Axiomatic definition: If something is axiomatic , it seems to be obviously true . An axiom, postulate or assumption is a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning and arguments. SEE ALSO: Axiomatic Set Theory , Categorical Axiomatic System , Complete Axiomatic Theory , Consistency , Model Theory , Theorem Information and translations of axiomatic system in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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