In fact, retail stores often discount red meat products that have changed color but are still safe and wholesome – and well within their shelf life. It don't smell 'bad', it just smells like raw meat. I would also use the bacon if smell has gone & is not discoloured or sticky.I've had this a few times with bacon & never had any probs. Check the expiry date on the bacon packet. Even if it’s a day past the expiry date, you shouldn’t take any chances. If it smells … Bad bacon feels slimy to the touch and has a … But you shouldn’t rely on the expiry date alone, especially when you don’t know how to store it properly. Fresh bacon is supposed to be moist and soft. The simplest way to know if the bacon in your refrigerator is safe to consume is by checking the expiry date. It's mouthfeel is light. As you probably know, it can go bad, so the more important questions concern its shelf life and storage – how long can it be stored and will still be tasty, how it should be stored, etc. Unopened and sealed bacon can last up to a week or two in the refrigerator and for about six to eight months if kept in the freezer. Just make sure your bacon is safe to eat before serving it up. Use paper towels and wrap individual servings of raw bacon in them. Here are three things you should consider when something seems off about the bacon and you don’t want to put your health at risk. That might take an hour when it’s sitting on the counter or much less if you decide to put it in the pantry and let it cool down there. Vacuum-sealed raw bacon in an unopened package will be fine until the best-by date and a couple of days longer (a week or so). Other bacteria, such as salmonella, can't be seen or smelled, so you need to rely on good food handling habits instead. If your bacon is turning brown on the surface when curing place some plastic wrap over the slab, (in contact with the meat), and cure normally. If you plan to keep it in the freezer for longer, wrap the package once again before freezing. Basically, it changes its color – it might become somewhat brownish, grayish or even greenish. The aroma is a strange acidic, alcoholic smell with faint bacon and smoke undertones. If you consider freezing, slicing the bacon before freezing and making a few portions might be a great idea. When it comes to cooked bacon, it should taste great for a couple of days. Chances are this isn’t your first time touching bacon. A real #foodie, she's all heart for red wine and delicious meals. Fact: Red meat products are somewhat like sliced apples. How to Store It Properly. If the "use by" date has expired, then that bacon is unsafe to use. If it’s turning grey or you see a hint of green or blue around it, then you shouldn’t eat it. 2. When I don’t have time to prepare an elaborate breakfast, if I find bacon in my refrigerator, it starts my day off right. If you’ve placed it in the refrigerator, it can last up to four or five days, but if you’ve kept it in the freezer, then you can use it within the next two to three months. Basically, it changes its color – it might become somewhat brownish, grayish or even greenish. When you’re about to fry up a few strips of bacon, don’t forget to: Meet Go-Go-Gadget Renee'. I didn't wait so long that it was totally grey, but it was getting very pale and close to it. - See 93 traveler reviews, 32 candid photos, and great deals for Eufaula, OK, at Tripadvisor. If you want to store it for a longer period, put the package into the freezer right away. Or put the cooked slices into a freezer bags or airtight containers. But there are also many people wondering “can bacon go bad”. Bacon should be stored in the fridge. I scrape mould off cheese. If you add 2% ascorbic acid, (citric acid), to your cure the surface your of your bacon will stay pink. Another thing is the smell of the meat. [ii]. ni its normal colour i know sometimes u see maet and its gone from pink colour to a brown colour but this looks fine Fresh bacon is supposed to look bright pink and have white or pale yellow fat. Don’t get confused. If it smells … There are different ways to store both uncooked and cooked bacon. If you know how good bacon looks like and tastes, you’ll know if the bacon is bad. Her passion for #kitchen gadgets is matched only by her love for tech. Here are a number of things you can do to preserve bacon right after getting home from the grocery store. I made sure to cook it extra crispy, even though normally I like bacon a tad on the chewy side. Tequila Gives the Same Fresh, Spirited Taste to Mojitos as Rum, How to Make Iced Tea in Quick and Easy Ways ». The refrigerator is the best place to keep every kind of bacon: raw opened or unopened, cooked, bacon slices, or leftovers. Keep these pointers in mind the next time you decide to bring the fresh bacon home. Supermarket bacon in this country is sold in plastic boxes which contain air. SummaryAs you should know by know, bacon can go bad and it happens quite quickly (especially after it’s cooked). Remember about wrapping it properly, though. Your bacon is spoiled if it smells sour, fishy, rotting or just really unpleasant. If that’s the case, wrapping it well is very important – use plastic wraps and freezer bags. Always use bacon within seven days of purchase ("sell by") or by the "use by" date listed by the manufacturer. I Smell Bacon: I did NOT smell bacon! Change of color, smell, and taste, those are sure signs that bacon has gone bad and should be discarded. Since it only takes a matter of days for bacon to get spoiled in the refrigerator, I have to make sure that I’m storing it properly. #CookingChewTribe, Your email address will not be published. How to Tell If Bacon Is Bad: Does It Smell Funny? How to tell that bacon is bad. The longer you plan to freeze it, the better it should be wrapped (consider wrapping it twice). Fresh bacon will always have its natural meaty smell. This way you’ll be able to thaw as many slices as needed at a time and you won’t be forced to thaw all the bacon at once. If you want to keep it for longer, freeze it. Make sure this seal hasn’t been breached. A sour or off odor is a major warning flag that pork has spoiled; another indication is a change in color, usually from pink to brown or grey. Not recommended! Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Cooking Chew on the Cookd Pro Theme Take a whiff to see if it smells like fresh meat. Urine smell can change with all types of food. The changing from red to brown and even the purplish color to red occurs quite easily in meat, the reverse is much difficult. Also, if you’ve stored it for a much longer period than mentioned earlier, I’d advise you to discard it, even if it seems fine. They’ll be safe to use for up to six weeks. Just make sure it’s wrapped properly (if it’s opened). Smell. Copyright © 2020 Can It Go Bad? Read less Read more. I've stopped looking at sell by dates/ use by dates etc and have started using my nose. Line the baking sheet with the foil and carefully place each strip of bacon on it. After cooking bacon, make sure it’s cooled before you transfer it into the fridge. You can refreeze thawed bacon but you need to squeeze out all the air from the bag to prevent freezer burn and make sure that you’ve sealed it tightly. Also, this same process is the reason meat does indeed turn brown when you cook it. If it smells off foul, or funny, it’s bad. If you know how good bacon looks like and tastes, you’ll know if the bacon is bad. You don’t want a food poisoning horror story to originate in your very own home, so here’s a descriptive guide on how to tell if bacon is bad and how to store it the right way. If it has a rotten smell, then it’s spoiled and you should stay away from it. If they’re spoiled, then remove them from your refrigerator or your freezer, or you’ll end up contaminating other food items. Bad bacon is often easy to spot, because spoilage bacteria are pretty obvious. You can also safely thaw and cook the bacon within four months of freezing bacon. This way, you help prevent freezer burn. Once meat has browned, it is hard to get it enough oxygen to reverse the process. Other bacteria, such as salmonella, can't be seen or smelled, so you need to rely on good food handling habits instead. Your email address will not be published. Take care not to confuse the "sell by" and "use by" dates. If you need to store it for longer than its shelf life, consider freezing it. If the package is already opened, the rule of thumb is to eat the bacon within a week or so. Give it a sniff. Bacon is an extremely popular meat in many regions and there are tons of people who can’t imagine starting their day without a slice or two of fried bacon. Bacon: If you aren't having any other problems or pain with urination I wouldn't worry.

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