fluoro carbon line to a 1 oz. Big Canon Lake Lodge in Northern Ontario is located in a remote area of northwestern Ontario, 25 miles northwest of Vermilion Bay, accessible only by float plane. Colder fall weather cools the surface water making the thermocline disappear. In the spring and in the summer, they cruise at 40 to 65 feet. Drop your line near the bottom of the lake and slowly work your way up, jiggling the line to present your bait as a wounded baitfish to attractlake trout. The map also shows hotspots where our fishing junkies have caught lunkers and posted photos and stories. List of lakes in Ontario; References All Rights Reserved. It does not require any special rod or reel. Remember that your prey are feeding on small fish at this time of year, so present your bait and lures to match their prey. . Show Prices . To catch lake trout, you absolutely must know what depth they are in. (A boat & motor for every two fishermen is maintained at the Ontario Fishing Lodge.) A big thumbs up for Cat Island Lodge! If you have packed fish improperly or are transporting them improperly, you may have your catch seized, be fined, and must appear in court near where you caught the fish and not near your home. An 8’6” trolling rod with medium power and medium/fast action. The spawn sites are rocky shoals or rubble bottoms. The colors should be natural, like silver, pearl, or white. Watch your line continuously. The new Savant Spoon, developed by an angler who loves Lake Savant. The lake is spring fed, keeping the water clear and cold all year, maintaining a healthy environment for the Lake Trout. You will have to feel and watch the line to know when you have a bite. Trolling deep diving crankbaits is an easy way to catch lake trout since the lures typically have a predictable diving depth. Lake trout grow slowly and travel and feed as individuals. lake trout Trout fishing Canada trout fishing ontario. Lowest prices for your stay. Use a lake map to find structure in the appropriate depth range for the time of year you are fishing. 1 oz. Cat Island Lodge. Do this from a boat, not from the shore. After 105 days to 147 days the eggs hatch as fry. Decide what type of fishing experience you want and pick the time of year that lake trout are behaving that way. Trout Lake is a beautiful, clear, spring-fed lake abundant with "BIG" Smallmouth Bass, lots and lots of Lake Trout and very aggressive Northern Pike. The price is very reasonable for what you get. You can even cast for bass right off the deck/dock in the front yard of the lodge. In the winter lake trout cruise at all depths of the lake below 10 feet. It is one of Canada’s safest airlines. Try jigging with 3 inch to 4 inch softbaits. Then off the other part of the swivel attach another piece of 25 fluorocarbon line with a snap swivel at the end to attach your lure- usually a spoon. You have catch limits for the lake trout you want to keep, usually a possession limit of 2. bucktail jigs for vertical jigging. Come to Trout Lake to experience how good it can be. For open season on other Ontario lakes, check here. Usecurlytailgrubs, or something similar, on ¼ to ¾ ounce jigheads. swivel. It is between, and separates, the warm water above and much cooler water below. Here from our visitors and see the trophy fish ready to be caught. Lake trout are easiest to catch in shallow water while feeding on perch, smaller trout, herring, fresh water shrimp, suckers, insects, and minnows. Our answer is that lake trout fishing is a process that can be broken down into steps. © 2016 Wildewood on Lake Savant. A thermocline occurs in a lake during the summer, when the water warms unevenly into layers of different temperatures. They must be dead. Faron & Joyce run an efficient, top rate business on a terrific lake in central Ontario. Click the above image to watch! They average 10 pounds but can reach more than 30 pounds! A live minnow that’s hooked through the lips is also great. You may need to search a bit to find your lake trout. Try a faster presentation and even just letting the bait lie still to gauge how aggressive the trout are. These fish need cold water to thrive and will go into deep holes as the water temperatures increase. Trout Lake . We offer an outstanding variety of fishing that includes Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Muskie, and Northern Pike. The fishing is always great and the stay in the lodge, when not on the lake, is comfortable. Try lake basins where they feed on baitfish in open water. Berkyboy. Trout Lake’s record Lake Trout is 55 lbs. Famous for its Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass, Big Canon also produces the occasional trophy Northern Ontario Muskie Fishing and Northern Ontario Pike Fishing. Jerk the rod up 1 to 2 feet to hook the fish once it has bitten. Trout Lake is very pristine, the crystal clear spring-fed lake has beautiful scenery and virtually no fishing pressure. Start with a very slow troll and fluctuate your speeds to see what troll speeds the trout respond to. Fishing with Quality Equipment The water layer at about 50oF where temperature decreases very rapidly is the thermocline. Off the swivel, use 3 ft of 25 lb. sinker weight to help your lure reach the desired depth. Flight time and miles in Float Plane from Kenora to touch down on Trout Lake: 25 minutes and 40 miles Good luck on your Ontario lake trout fishing adventure! Lake Map:For larger Map and Download Click on Map Image. Website Design & Development by Webmaster For Hire, Summer: (807) 584-2999; Winter: (715) 892-1985, Guys’ Getaway at Wildewood on Lake Savant. We have 8 fully … Trout Lake record Northern Pike: 43 inches, 22.5 lbs - caught and released (to be caught again) It is not a matter of whether you will catch fish, only how many and how big. Fly-in fishing lakes for bass are rare - we only have two. Unforgettable Lake Trout Fishing in Ontario, Canada. Famous for its Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass, Big Canon also produces the occasional trophy Northern Ontario Muskie Fishing and Northern Ontario Pike Fishing. We will do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible. In the fall they move to shallower water again. Big bass and trophy northern pike are very easy to … To grow big, trout need complex shallow structures for spawning, a large forage base, and deep, cold water for the summer months. Understand their life cycle, habitat, preferred protective cover, and feeding habits. Use a white or glow bucktail jig, a jigging spoon and bait with a minnow or sucker meat. Using dead bait, like a large cisco or sucker, with a quickset harness off of a tip up or jig rod and letting it lay right on the bottom can be a deadly technique to catch a monster laker under the ice.

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