That's the early '70s for you. Boring as hell, artsy fartsy bullshit and I actually just wanted to turn it off after half an hour (although I did see it through to the end). Blanche , Déjà Vu : A Chronological History of French Cinema Since Time Began - Une vitrine chronologique du cinéma français depuis la nuit des temps, (almost) every title from, Taste Of Cinema's Recommendations: Weird, Bizarre, Camp, Trashy & Cult, Period, Peplum, Medieval, Arthurian, Egypt, Arabia, Greece, Rome, Biblical, Swashbuckler, Everything Even Potentially/vaguely Gothic. With Michel Simon, Georges Wilson, Jacques Perrin, Ligia Branice. The story of a sexually enticing young dancer who rises up in society through her relationships with wealthy men, but later falls into poverty and prostitution, culminating in an encounter with Jack 'the Ripper'. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. If you didn't know how Borowczyk's career would turn out, would you have guessed it from his first three films? A directorial triumph. Didn't find the plot at all engaging and visually it's very dull, something that surprised me. Blue powder boxes. Every man is in love with her, including the King and his servant Bartolomeo, visiting the Master. The Lord's jealous rage leads to dire and tragic consequences. Blanche is the young, pure, beautiful wife of the Master of the castle, in a secluded land. This FAQ is empty. Even if it could (or wants) to be interpreted as a comment on how female sexuality was perceived in the 13th Century (ie: women who exercise any form of sexuality are evil and witches!!! Random monkey antics though, Perfect film for me, just a slow typical 1960/70s style film with an unnatural script but what makes it so attractive is the sets and costumes and scene framing, looks like medieval paintings. Blanche is an example of Continental 70's film making at its most colourful, adventurous and luschious. Michel Simon is an aged lord who keeps his young wife virtually imprisoned in his castle, but when he invites The King over for a medieval shindig, the wife becomes the object of attention for both The King and his young page. © Letterboxd Limited. A simpleton thief on Goto, an isolated island ruled by a barbaric dictator, climbs ranks from criminal to fly-catcher, dog-keeper and boot polisher, while himself and other islanders get ... See full summary ». A haunting, minimalist short that mostly consists of a monologue to camera by the young Rosalie, on trial for the murder of her new-born infant. Jayce Fryman 18,689 films 3,015 100 Edit, This list collects every film from the Starting List that became They Shoot Pictures Don't They's 1000 Greatest Films. Tickets on sale here: Looking for something to watch? Maybe - there is a constant theme of voyeurism and the perversion of authority that's detectable even in a PG-certificate film like this. Use the HTML below. I went in expecting something along the same line as The Beast..... yeah it’s nothing like that. Of course, since this is pre-Holy Grail, everybody and their clothing are clean and spotless as can be. Structured much like a Greek Tragedy (it’s actual roots in 19th Century Polish literature) but with the flat, side-on perspective of medieval art with all its certainties and want-of-doubt made manifest in allegorical pieties and bloody deliverances. A hypnotic combination of medieval austerity and soapy sensuality, with a thread of the surreal. Storyline. It's based on a play, so naturally it relies heavily on its performances, and…, BlancheRating: 6/10. Rosewater. Every man is in love with her, including the King and his servant Bartolomeo, visiting the Master. Blanche is the young, pure, beautiful wife of the Master of the castle, in a secluded land. A very subjective concept--gothic horror, gothic melodrama, gothic art films, gothic everything. View production, box office, & company info, TorontoFilm.Net - "Y: The Last Man", "Sneakerella", "Nightmare Alley", ‘The Bounty’ Director Roger Donaldson To Helm German Series ‘Nhiem’ From ‘Merkel’ Producers – Efm, Monsieur Cinéma: Episode dated 23 January 1972. Blanche est un film français réalisé par Walerian Borowczyk, sorti en 1971. Only one ... See full summary », Sigismond (Joe Dallesandro) is a man lost in an erotic haze which clouds his judgment. He…, "Why do you think I have this outrageous accent, you silly king?". Borowcyck is perhaps best first approached through his early short-form work (see Renaissance, Gavotte or Rosalie for particularly apt antecedents to Blanche) rather than the later full length work. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. “You may think it is rustic simplicity,but… I am displeased by your words!”. A palette of strange objects, muted imagery, and medieval oddness awaits the viewer of Walerian Borowczyk’s Blanche (1971); only the third feature film in one of the most surreal and haphazard cinematic careers of all European art house directors. Directed by Walerian Borowczyk. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Not Rated | 1h 33min | Drama, History | 26 January 1972 (France) Blanche is the young, pure, beautiful wife of the Master of the castle, in a secluded land. 1971 Blanche ist ein Melodram aus dem Jahr 1971 von Walerian Borowczyk mit Michel Simon, Georges Wilson und Jacques Perrin. See this medieval fantasy as a precursor of all those artless attempts to evoke times of mythic romance and violence that fail to pleasure the senses as this does. Title: Claustrophilia: Films Set Mainly in One Location. Finally getting a Blu-Ray player and watching all of Arrow’s Seijun Suzuki box sets, (all also reviewed) I got set to finally meet Blanche. The costumes, music and tableau framing are especially beautiful. Full Moons. Borowcyzk's place in film history is still very much up in the air, and it's partly because many of his champions are still defensive about whether or not his work should be classified as pornographic.

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