The "30 Must-Have Blues Piano Licks" Blues transcription and bass arrangements: Uwe "ukaykeys" Karcher Jonathon Wilson.=132 E.! I only included 100 left hand patterns, but there are so many more patterns you can create. Let’s start off with this basic blues … Jazz, Blues, and Boogie-Woogie Left Hand Patterns, 3. IMPROVISE. As you’re probably aware of this shuffle rhythm is very common in blues music. Exercise 1: Shuffle Rhythm vs. Straight Rhythm All sound examples in this ebook so far where played using a shuffle rhythm. Patterns, 2. JAZZ PIANO BASICS - DAN DAVEY Tensions are non chord tones that are added to a chord to change the color/texture of the chord. Ö" O. Rock and Pop Left Hand Patterns, and 4. Elmo Peeler - Blues Exercise No.10 - Parallel Blues Chords & Rolls.pdf This is an exercise in a particular chord inversion and in 'rolls', both elements that are commonly found in blues. New Age and Contemporary Left Hand Patterns. 1 P.... " O.P.. Note that scale degrees 10 is the same as 3, … Blues and Stomps (Morton, Jelly Roll) Blues comme l'enfer (Letort, Bruno) Blues for Piano and Percussion (Kinadjian, Pascal) Blues for Rodica (Nichifor, Serban) Blues for Simone (Nehls, Ulrich) Blues for Woodwinds (Tang, Elizabeth) Blues In Memory of Jaco Pastorius (Nichifor, Serban) 3 Blues (Allard, Michel) Blues, Op.74 (Fine, Marshall) Creativity Exercises for Rhythm: •! DE.! Avoid becoming a person who plays great exercises, but delays using their creative energy until tomorrow. DO IT NOW! 11 DEFORD BAILEY Track 3 Riffs 6 - 10 Hewlett & Lennon g2001 Swing = 104/70/90 three times each 101 Blues riffs vol 6 download 10/9/09 09:32 Page 11. 101 Blues riffs vol 6 download 10/9/09 09:32 Page 10. 12 SONNY TERRY 1911-1986 Riffs 11 - 15 Sonny is perhaps one of the greatest players in the rural blues style. See what you can come up with and take your piano playing to … Even if you only use a … The chord inversion is a triad with a sixth between the lowest and highest notes, and with a third below the highest note. He had a huge IMPORTANT: Don’t get hung up practicing exercises and more exercises without ever attempting to improvise.

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