I need some TU-TORIELS on how to make punny puns. My brother always works himself down to the. I think this has almost tickled my FUNNY BONE. I gotta say, they were pretty humerus. But for dinner I think we should have SPARE RIBS. That annoying dog came back and stole more of our bones. -by AlexisThese are absolutely punomenal. Oh, I love puns. Add your favorite bone pun in the comments! -by Zinafopuns becoming BONE dry?Try some diSANSi! Okay I'm not sorry at allSans: NUUUUUU I WANT MOAR PUNS -by EmberWow. They’d rather use […] He's under a rest. ", the bartender says "not untill you tell me a meta joke." -by 5NightsAtƒαηdσмsSans: Hey kid you want to go to Grillyby's?Me: Sure since you have no-BODY else to go with!! Heheh. [huehuehue]) -by EternalFlame13Do these puns need to be related to skeletons?Since toucan play at that game.Otherwise, I've got a ton, well, more like a dozen of eggscellent puns. !Undyne: No! ~Sans -by MonstersI found this humer-ous!! Why a saxaBONE of couse duh! When are you NOT going to make puns?Sans: I don't know. I asked my brother the instrument one and he replied '. *VOTING TIME* Why don’t skeletons ever use cell phones? He liked to rattle his bones. But overall, they were pretty Sansational. They just lay there until Papyrus does it. bad puns bad jokes sans pun list xd thx for the pun evelyn-evilyn. gonna close the ask kitty sans askblog yo! 25 Bone Puns That Everyone Will Find Humerus By Erin Cossetta Updated November 18, 2020. bone puns Bone puns always tickle my funny bone. So don’t be afraid to let out a huge laugh, these skeleton puns are just what the doctor ordered to give your bones a little shake today. Did ya hear the one about the baby skeleton? I guess my pun bank is just BONE dry. -by BЯΛDI've encountered a SKELE-TON of people, but ASRIEL as it gets, it's kinda hard to pick a BONE-FRIEND!What happened to Papyrus when he accidentally stepped in hot grease?He got BONE-FRIED. 1.TuberTale ask blog (some undertale youtubers and deviants answer your questions) ___________________________________________________, Why are skeletons so calm?Because nothing gets under their skin!Why can't skeletons play church music?Because they have no organs.What does a skeleton order at a restaurant?SPARERIBS.My favorite instrument? Well, im done! Well now I'm going to run off to try to annoy my brother to death by full out blasting the most radical Megalovania around, Megalosecret, fresh brah. And you HUMAN!! This is really Asriel as it gets. They don't have the guts What do skeletons hate the most about wind? I love band I play the TROMBONE of course. What do you have to say about it Sans?Sans: Well I guess it's pretty punny. -by NeonPixeledGalaxy​​​​​​Heh Heh I Have A Skele-Ton More Of Deez But For Now I Gotta Skele-run From My Skele-hun Sans Who Is Clearly A Skeleton xD - by Undertale. 38 Favourites. ", the bartender says "not untill you tell me a meta joke." 'Cause he ain't got no arms!UTSans:Why did the Tem loose the snail race? rest in peperoni for papyrus when he sees this chat, some people say my jokes are bad but they are solid gold some people just dont like them. I think it's TEM for me to METT-A-TON new pun makers. 2.ask undyne They were scapula-ous. No need to get fired up, I'll jut stay chill. So, the guy replies: so a guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he "can get a drink? of course, i don't mean to be a BONEHEAD. Maybe they can give me some ammo. Add to Favourites. These are the best bone puns from all around the internet. * walks away** everyone high-fives each other* -by KorraZedsSansational punderful pundertale puns -by Sam's Septic EyeOOH Whats Frisk's favorite meal? FIRST ME, THEN ASGORE'S CLONE? These are real puns. 10 notes Aug 26th, 2018. -by Zada AndersonEveryone it's really FRISK-ing pawsome - GoldenSanspaiThese were all quit HUMORUSI liked these puns a skelte-TON -by Redpandadd​​​​​​Sans: hey guys i think i left my trom-BONE here. -by Kwolf's DemonsI think i have a SPARERIBS to make PUNishments,I'll give you tu-TORIEL for that...I think this SANSational PUNishment will help ya' bucko..Did you heard there's a new city called Sans Francisco?I love how PUN-ch juice taste!I think i dont have guts to niece HUMEROUS PUNishmemt.Lol....-by sky3900Why are skeletons never phased by anything? Making. i really was being a lazy-BONES.Mettaton: PLEASE YOU TWO! A telephone? I want to play Undertale and of course, I would choose the paci-FRISK ending everytime. I probably broke my funny bone reading this. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. -by XlitleoY You are SANS-sational. Okay, okay, I'm just kittyin around.Wow, I really am procatstinating.But hey! AS THANKS FOR REACHING 70 -NOW 270 <3'S :3)​​​​(Please refrain using swearing or inappropriate words or jokes in your puns please! I HOPE YOU FORGIVE ME AND THANK YOU! Ughhhhh SANS!! Papyrus doesn't think their HUMERUS. So, the guy replies: so a guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he "can get a drink? Of course, I will always use MERCY if you want me to. ", the bartender says "not untill you tell me a meta joke." )Oh, and by the way, Ice to meet you~ -by CrimsonWhat kind of light do skeletons like the most?A SHINdelier -by ThatsWhatSheSaidYup... most of these I defiantly know!What is a skeletons 2 fave instrument? ", the bartender says "not untill you tell me a meta joke." hope these puns stick with ya for MEOW. I need some TU-TORIELS on how to make punny puns. Nevermind, it’s soda-pressing. You are UNDYING tonight!Papyrus: OH MY GOD!Toriel: Urgh, Sans. Have you heard about my new job as a can crusher? AHHHHHHH!!! -by rogtomAw, come on, all of these jokes are teriBONE!You guys need to put a 'Ton' more BACK BONE into it!A SKELE-TON!None of these are RIB-TICKILERS!We need some 'insides' jokes, but THERE IS NONE!Yes I need to stop with all of these PUNDERFUL jokes!But I'm not listening, cause I'm a NUMBSKULL!Ok I'll stop being such a FUNNY BONES and go back to being a LAZY BONES! Bone Puns 1. ?Sans: just trying to give a tu-TOREI of these punny puns. i am punny. I found 'em pretty fibula-ous. (Attention all pun disposers: bow to your king!) I'll need to get bette if I want to be HUMERUS. So, the guy replies: so a guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he "can get a drink? XD -by GannonI do consider myself a fan of Sans, but I don't think I'm anywhere near being an official fan, a part of the SANS-hedrin. -by MaddogYour so punny bro <3Sans: I think im in love with these puns -by LnavarreteMe; How much do you love your bro?Sans: I love him very much, he gives me PORPOISE and OWL love like a bro forever.Papyrus: SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS!Me: Badum TSH!Both: Mwahahah -by CandiMeh this is really punny maybe I'll have to put more backbone into my puns(wtf is wrong with me XD) Sans:Water u doingMe:just makin some PUNNY puns While playing as-Sans-in creed (pfffft sorry so not original but y know at least a lil BACKBONE into them holy shifazzle ok I'll stop XD -by Jessica Santa AnaWhat is the difference between a musician and a dead body?One composes and the other decomposes! SPARE ME!Sans: dont worry Mettaton, Ill have MERCYPapayrus: I think this tu-TORIEL has been very SAN-santionel, brother.Sans: In deed, you played quite a CHARA-cter too.Mettaton: I am so FRISK-in done with you two so called FUNNY-BONES now im headed off to Grillby's, CHARA (Care) to join me?Me: Well played. ", the bartender says "not untill you tell me a meta joke." 4.ask undertale Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. What do you do if you see a skeleton running across a road? HAHA im so PUNny, i should be PUNished! (Seriously though, this is amazing, dear god why do I like puns so much xD. So, the guy replies: so a guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he "can get a drink? - Sans -by Rude Baby RedI put all the skeleton puns on a piece of paper a gave it to my grandma she is laughing her SKULL off -by SansLover294Papyrus needs to get it through his SKULL that the puns are gonna stay. 5.ask charisk -by Yoshiko-chanWhy do I love Grillby?Because he GRILL BY the beach ;3 -by Jade AftonAn altenetive for the tromBONE is xyloBONELOL SOO FUNNY ITS TICKLING MY FUNNY BONE! -by AmythistUndergamerThis is so Fibula-os and the puns are Sans-ational that it tickled my Funnybone -by AyumiKnock-knockWho's there?Broken pencilBroken pencil who?Nevermind its POINTLESS!! i have a TON of them.Mettaton: *Face palms* Papyrus: WHY HELLO BROTHER, WHILE I'D LIKE TO HAVE A NICE CHAT, I MUST COMMENT THAT YOU'R PUNS NEED A BIT MORE BACK-BONE PUT INTO THEM!Sans: why didnt i think of that?

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