They've been fertilised the same at planting and watered the same, and are only 3 feet away. Q. There are a few green leaves left on a bottom branch, but no new growth that I can see. Three other camellias … So, if you were expecting the camellia bush to stay in active growth all summer but it didn’t, there is no need for concern – this is normal. Newly planted shrubs always experience stress their first summer in the ground. Why are the leaves turning yellow? The final reason may be because your camellia requires shade and is planted in full sun, which bleaches the leaves. Mosaic One is losing its leaves, yet the other looks fine. (except of course really dry periods). Alternatively, your camellia may just need feeding. This stress associated with establishment often leads to yellowing and dropping of some of the leaves. I had two camellias planted in November (spring) by my landscaper, from the same nursery. It is possible that your soil is too alkaline for good camellia growth, or it may be that the roots are standing in water. Rounded sections from some leaves were completely missing; some leaves had yellow blotches, while others were covered in dry, silvery brown patches. Q. Maybe there is still hope but I'm so mad at myself because it does seem that it was a lack of moisture and I can't blame anyone but myself! At what point is the camellia "established" and I can leave the watering to nature? Don looked at a camellia that appeared to have quite a few leaf problems. A. However, closer inspection revealed that the camellia was a normal, healthy plant and there was nothing to worry about.

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