These fuses are rated for 32v DC and cover from 4 amps up to 30. Start by examining the bottom of the fuse where the tube is sealed by metal. Very informative chart, thanks for the kmowledge! SFE stands for Society of … Simple to the point article! There are several automotive fuse types, but today we’re talking about the blade-style fuses found in most modern cars made after 1980. Automotive Fuse ID: Color Chart for Car & Truck Fuses, Fusible Links: What Are They and Where Do They Go? Given the nature of how fuses work, it’s critical that you use the proper amp rating for the circuit. At first you might think “Heck, it’s easy to identify these, they’ve got the number written right on ’em. Rerating: For 25ºC ambient temperatures, it is recommended that fuses be operated at no more than 75% of the nominal current rating established using the controlled test conditions. Keep in mind that there are several different types of blade fuses beyond the standard ATC size too, including Micro, Mini, and Maxi styles. There are numerous designs for automotive glass fuses. Represented 180 companies, one was Bussman fuse, great company,great reps too! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. (Image/Summit Racing). If one of your car’s electrical devices got out of order, the blown fuse may be the issue. Blade fuses are sometimes physically difficult to pull out, but most vehicles come with a fuse-puller tool that is located inside one of the fuse boxes or attached to a fuse box lid. Learn how your comment data is processed. Since their physical size and shape is identical, using color to distinguish between fuse values is a huge help. Regardless of the style of blade fuse, these fuses—used in automotive (and other electrical component) applications—typically follow a standard color-coding scheme that makes it easy to identify their respective electrical current ratings. These are items designed to protect an electrical circuit from overcurrent and prevent exceeding its current-carrying capacity. More importantly, fuse boxes often are located in the dark recesses under a dashboard or in a dirty engine bay where they can be difficult to read. Pingback: Fusible Links: What Are They and Where Do They Go? Use our website search to find the fuse and relay schemes (layouts) designed for your vehicle and see the fuse block’s location. That’s why being able to identify them by their color is such a big help. Fuses are an essential part of any electrical system. Required fields are marked *. Most American vehicles went away from glass fusesin 1982. If so, you need to replace it. Thus, it protects the appliance from failure. However, sometimes the wire may look intact even in the blown fuse. The renewable type fuses and automotive fuses appeared in 1914, and in 1927 Littelfuse started making very low amperage fuses for the budding electronics industry. - OnAllCylinders. To clarify, they are the only protection for all electrical equipment installed in your car: If there is overcurrent in the circuit, a fuse blows, disconnecting an appliance from the power supply. Catalog Fuse part numbers include series identification and amperage ratings. Fuse Identification Chart. A damaged one means the fuse has blown. Click on the image above to download and print a PDF of our fuse type diagram. I would like to get a Fuse Selection chart. When buying a replacement fuse, you need to be able to correctly identify the fuse.Generally the manufacturer's brand name and the actual part number should be enough to identify the right fuse. Your email address will not be published. Sold industrial automation for 15 years. All automotive fuse box diagrams in one place. We looked to the fuse experts at Bussman to help compile these handy guides. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Unfortunately, this information is not always provided on the fuse, so this guide will help you to interpret the information that you might find on the fuse. Slow-burn fuses, like the MDL type, are timed fuses. Our fuse type chart was designed to scale, so if you are having a hard time deciphering which fuse type your car has, you can put your fuse on top of the fuse chart and slide it over to see which fuse type fits! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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