Democrats suppress speech. He was Chief Evans’ right-hand man for the past four years, but before that (as a patrolman) was an instructor in the police academy and served in the gang and drug control units. Jose Lozano, vice president of the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers (MAMLEO). I’m just grateful.”. It was a historic moment when Chief Evans appointed Gross to position of chief in 2014. Evans, Gross Are A Dynamic Duo BOSTON - JANUARY 9: Boston Police Commissioner William Evans with his wife Terry on the left, as they leave the press conference. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans announced his retirement Monday morning, naming William Gross, his Superintendent-in-Chief, as his successor. The Marathon Bombers were on the run in Watertown when Simmonds and some other officers spotted them and engaged them in gunfire. William E. Dickerson of Greater Love Tabernacle Church, left, in a 2010 photo. Opposition to speaking to him by Michele Wu, Marty Walsh, and Maura Healey is outrageous and terribly close minded. Gross is the first black commissioner in the city’s history. Mayor Walsh introduced superintendent-in-chief William Gross as the new commissioner. . Boston Police Commissioner William Gross placed the blame for a “recent uptick in crime” squarely on early prisoner release in response to COVID. BOSTON (CBS) – It was a jarring sight in a city where most of the political establishment is vehemently opposed to just about everything Attorney General William Barr and the Trump administration stand for – the AG and Boston Police Commissioner William Gross grinning side by side during an impromptu visit by Barr to Boston. Gross did not offer specifics about his experiences. One of the bombers was killed, the other was captured, but Simmonds received a head injury after one of the suspects “tossed an explosive device toward him,” reported BPD News. “I’m just so overwhelmed with emotion, with pride. I see Marty is having flashbacks to his union thug days and threatening the police!!! Mayor Walsh proclaimed that “Gross is a proven leader who is trusted and respected in the community,” and deserving of the position he’s been given. But in a WBZ-TV interview taped Friday morning, Mayor Marty Walsh made his disapproval of the meeting and irritation with Gross clear. You can watch the interview this Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on the WBZ-TV Morning News. In his interview with Boston 25 News, Gross explained how his grandmother taught him early on how not to respond violently when called racist derogatory things. “The perception out there is that you have to know people in power in order to be considered for these positions,” said Sgt. Commissioner William Gross defends decision to meet with Attorney General William Barr. Gross Became The First Black Superintendent-in-Chief For The BPD in 2014. Makes one wonder doesn’t it? . “I mean, I’ve seen people appointed in the past, and there’s really been no real authority,” said Ellison. More unfounded comments by the fools on the left, Campbell and Wu and by the fake leftist and closet racist Marty Wall. Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced the appointment of William Gross as the City of Boston's first African American Commissioner of the Boston Police Department (BPD), who will assume the duties and responsibilities of Commissioner William B. Evans who is set to retire from the Boston Police Department on Saturday, August 4. “I didn’t even know if … “One homicide is too much. We pray that moving forward Commissioner Gross will work with our membership towards transparency in our ranks in order to deliver the best possible police services to the public,” MAMLEO wrote on its Facebook page. . “The way we viewed the police then was they weren’t approachable. Walsh says Gross told him the photo was a surprise. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans announced his retirement this morning, naming William Gross, his Superintendent-in-Chief, as his successor. Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers. “It shows that any kid in Boston – we were poor and we made it – will have the opportunity to be the mayor, the commissioner, or chief.”. Given the obvious desire of the president to blunt his decline in the polls by being seen reaching out to African-Americans even as he defends the police, we wondered: did Gross get used for a political photo-op? Gross said that his ability to rise through the ranks despite experiencing prejudice came from his upbringing. One senseless act of violence is too much,” he said. “It was one of the toughest days of my career when I was watching him in the emergency room on that table, just hoping for one last breath,” said Gross. “If you want change, be the change. Boston Police Commissioner William Gross, Boston’s first black commissioner, told Boston Public Radio on Friday that he “absolutely” has felt unwelcome during his tenure at the Boston Police Department. Gross helped divert arriving runners while other buildings were evacuated. Mayor Martin J. Walsh held a press conference regarding the leadership of the Boston Police Department and public safety in Boston, in the media room of Police Headquarters, Jan. 9, 2013.

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