900 (3 units) Ripper blades. 1 List of RIG upgrades 1.1 Level 1 Suit 1.2 Level 2 Suit 1.3 Level 3 Suit 1.4 Level 4 Suit 2 Gallery The Level 1 Suit is the first suit available and serves as the starting gear for the player. 2000. Level 3 Suit. There are a total of four RIG upgrades available for the player in Dead Space (mobile). EVA Suit — Shown at 00:00 minutes in the above video guide. The Level 2 Suit can be purchased in the store for 30,000 credits. 1000 (25 units) Force energy. 1800 (4 units) Contact energy. 1250 (25 units) Flamethrower fuel. ... Level 3 suit (Chapter 4) Level 4 suit (Chapter 7) Level 5 suit (Chapter 10) User Info: AuFox80. Answer this Question. How To Unlock The EVA Suit. 35000. 5000. Even if you were using the regular suites you would not be able to step back from a level 3 to a level 2. AuFox80 - 9 years ago 7 11. Description: A lightweight space suit designed to protect its wearer from prolonged radiation exposure; typically worn by private-sector salvage operators. 2000 (2 units) Pulse rounds. 10000. Plasma energy. Medium med pack. works) WinRAR/7-Zip or any RAR extraction software. All of the DLC suits are Level 5 in respect to inventory slots and ammounts of protections provided. 20000. Jul 31, 2014 - DEAD SPACE - Isaac Clarke Level 3 Suit Complete Cosplay Build: Because of the great response I got from my Dragon Age Inquisition Instructable helmet build thread. This build was by far the most detailed cos… Dead Space 3 (any version, Steam, Origin etc. Cheat Engine (all versions should work, I tested this on 6.8) Steps: Download 2 files (Dead Space 3 {tabman}.CT and Dead Space 3 ID.rar) from the attachments in this thread (credits to the poster for discovering all this btw!) Level 4 Suit. 1200 (6 shots) Line racks. 2000. 60000. I have decided to make a full Instructible on my DEAD SPACE Isaac Clarke Level 3 Cosplay costume!!!!! Watch the video guide here to see all Dead Space 3 Unlockable Suits. User Info: DarknessElves. Small med pack. I am playing Dead Space and i want to know which suits are located where. Level 2 Suit. Level 5 Suit. IIRC the only suit that you would be able to change back to would be the Military Suit … You're browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest.

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