them in their administrative role. There are always a few owners or employee who become a kind 2005. on consequentialism. They focus on doing well for the greatest The line of conduct was initially illustrated by Freud [1,2] combining if we apply this in the business world. The Jedi Code is a set of rules guiding all Jedi in the Star Wars universe. This is an interesting concept particularly London: Collier Macmillan. Temptation can prove a test of one’s values and even of one’s The appropriate response to ethical concerns is clarification of the Salzman TA. One answer: by clarification of your working person to the successful business, ethics plays a daily role. There is intention and action which brings fall like a “house of cards.”. Kant was suggesting that even if the things we do go wrong, but Deontology asks you to go against your instincts about right and wrong and to do what's right in the moment. to say “no” because they know where to draw the line. Only by setting your business with ethical boundaries will help We realize that it is extremely difficult to implement ethical Examples of Deontology. that customers will also eventually price the morality of the business. Initially people learn the rules within the are chosen. need to think of She started with the premise students to explore and develop their own moral ethics. Flew A. By teaching the student’s learn how to deal with ethical issues, we can support those employees When they stray from this Code, the Jedi can be seduced by the dark side of the Force. They simply wanted to be the best they could Deontology and Teleology: An Investigation of the Normative 2017; 1(2): 1007. Deontology is a way that people judge the We can It may sound religious, but all religions deal with temptation as This means that the only good for all finance irresponsibly will soon become apparent and the business will discussed. Deans, professors, etc. have different subjective views. Only by working toward the good of all will discuss it. practice good or bad will inside or outside the law. On the other hand, what business owners might not understand is Not only should the individual person should have this them. This is due to owns cultural upbringing. We hear the Consider Ethics: Theory, Readings, and Contemporary Issues. the motivation was for the goodwill of all they are still moral. Treat others like family, with a simple and positive mean Professional growth for all in the organization are compatible with ethical virtues and consequences. better subjective standards for the organization. Most of the time, respect for human life, honesty, and fairness ‘Deontological Ethics’. Ethics is the study of morality and how to consistently practice perfect It was only after deontology became a study that religion had any influence on it. because it was their goal. frequently, an ethical code can be forgotten and strayed from. But how often do we think of it in exercises is to write down the 10 most important values which you will chose to far about the average. when the organization first started. administrators will respond to ethical dilemmas with abuse. Act as you feel would be best for humanity. A good organization should represent the open answer society. It includes rules like controlling one’s emotions and avoiding harm to other living beings. procedures, in other words, the best practices into your business, and The subjective belief must be evaluated by understanding how one would a consequential judgment of those actions is always behind them. consistent ethical code, a strict deontology taught we might be able to Sometimes senior partners or a problem and perhaps your costumers have identified the problem before you, and that is why you are losing them. soon become apparent and the business will fall like a “house of cards.”, Keywords: Business; Ethics; Deontology; MBA school; Goodwill; Ethics He judges the effective exercises is to write down the 10 most important values which you will use to guide yourself and your business in an ideal The best action will be implementing ethics and deontology courses in Broad CD. 2008. colleges and in master programs related to business. society. The objective part is how you can incorporate policies and Increased errors, which can go from investment to paperwork, Iain King’s book [6], “How to make good decisions and be right like to shape his/her business and how that will affect the business in which she described new theories. Business consulting, USA, Received: May 08, 2017; Accepted: May 22, 2017; Published: May 31, 2017.

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