Thank you so much. By the way, when I do this I see rando ghosted Word .doc and Adobe .pdf (artifacts of 2 files that used to be on the desktop but were long ago moved to the Documents folder.) First, with the Enable Desktop Divider check box in configuration window of the software. Also here are some photos of how it looks before I put my PC is sleeping and how the icons look after I start it back up. Average size and video resolution of computer displays have been strongly increased in recent years. Winkey+E to open file explorer, click view, options, "change folder and search options", select the view tab, uncheck "hide protected operating system files", confirm and close the options out, go to your desktop and delete any "desktop.ini" files, you most likely have 2 or more of them and that is your problem. 1. I dont know why but I use DisplayFusion for my dual screen setup. I had that problem on my old computer and i solved it by turning my main monitor on manually first and then my second, but im not sure if this will work with your setup. Also, you can select several adjacent tiles to stretch the window up to their combined area: click the left mouse button on the top-left tile of the supposed combined area and drag the mouse to the bottom-right tile holding the left mouse button pressed, then release the mouse button. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Learn how to create and manage virtual desktops independently on each monitor in a multiple display environment. This is the place to ask! Click Align to grid. I'll also try some of the other suggestions too as they may solve the issue. Every time I re-boot, my windows desktop icons rearrange themselves to random places on the 4k monitor, even though the 4k monitor is set as the main.,, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There are several ways of maximizing a window onto a tile: Aero Snap feature. I have the same problem right now. These buttons will make your work more convenient. How to Get New Windows 10 UI Features in Windows 7/8 Yes, I have this issue and it is a nightmare. Now users can use advanced display management (display orientation, clone this monitor, etc. I really like this program display fusion. Here you can find some interesting examples of when this feature can be really useful. Does anyone know how to extend the symbols also into the taskbar on the right monitor? Just drag the window to any boundary of the tile. However, to achieve such window allocation without overlapping, you will have to waste the most expensive thing in a work – the time. 3. I heard of others having this issue and pointing at that. Put into Divider tile title button. 2. Anyone is welcome to seek the input of our helpful community as they piece together their desktop. Should I delete? Every time I put my PC to sleep then start it up again my icons move as if it is reading my 1440p monitor as a 1920x1080 monitor. Right click on desktop and check View Desktop Items. Therefore, desktop workspace has been increased too (especially when using multiple monitors). Hope this helps. You can use hotkeys to move the window between tiles in the desired direction. )in Actual Multiple Monitors. There are unlimited ways to use Actual Tools programs for tweaking your Windows Operating System. This bug exists in all versions of windows. Window will maximize to the tile, which contains the mouse pointer. Another one! Right-click this button to invoke the special Tile Selector window where you immediately select a tile to put the window into. I have hooked two monitors into the video card provided with my Dell Deminsion desktop. Actual Window Manager Helps Online Traders Work Effectively. If you have no desktop.ini file then your desktop folder probably has weird user permissions preventing that file from being created or you're out of disk space. I have attached a number of apps to the taskbar as can be seen in the image I attached. 4. I have a similar problem, but everything I open a game, it takes all the icons from the 4k and shifts them over to the vertical 1080p. Desktop Divider can work in one of the following work modes: Always Active - you can use the Desktop Divider each time you drag or maximize a window. Drag your Icons to where you want them. Windows 10 taskbar: App icons on both monitors Hi there, I recently added a second monitor to my Win 10 PC. Why is this happening and how do i stop it. You can create as many tile layouts for your desktop as you need and then switch between them in as the circumstances require: activate the needed layout in the Actual Multiple Monitors Settings dialog using the Activate the Layout button, assign a custom hotkey combination to certain layouts or use the Desktop context menu. What OS are you running? Save your time and nerves with the new Actual Tools feature – Desktop Divider. Un-check Auto Arrange. Hotkeys. I … Planning on building a computer but need some advice? I'm at work right now, so I don't have the name of it handy, but there's a bit of freeware I use which adds some options to the destop right-click context menu. TY, Upvote because I have the same problem, albeit with 2 1080p monitors, Wasn't this an issue with GeForce experience rearranging the icons after a new driver? In the new version of Actual Window Manager you're got the opportunity of using two new title buttons - Recent Folders and Favorite Folders. Desktop Divider allows splitting the desktop area into any number of adjacent non-intersecting zones – tiles. Winkey+E to open file explorer, click view, options, "change folder and search options", select the view tab, uncheck "hide protected operating system files", confirm and close the options out, go to your desktop and delete any "desktop.ini" files, you … /r/buildapc is a community-driven subreddit dedicated to custom PC assembly. Windows 10 taskbar: App icons on both monitors deepsky. You've been able to have a taskbar on each screen natively since Windows 8. Desktop Divider: Use Cases Configuring the Desktop Divider options and layouts. I can get the same screen to show up on both monitors but I cant get it to split the desktop between the two… Works wonderfully. Click Show Desktop Icons. Was there a fix found for this? Re-boot the system. Releasing the modifier keys will activate the Desktop Divider back. It allows working with several windows at the same time, and they will not overlap each other. Learn how Actual Multiple Monitors software may help you to play games on dual monitors. Active While the Modifier Keys Not Pressed - same as Always Active but you can temporarily suspend the Desktop Divider by holding down the specified modifier keys. And second, selecting the Enable Desktop Divider command in the Windows Desktop's context menu. Arrange your desktop icons the way you want them. As soon as you begin to drag a window, you will see the grid showing the tiles. 4. Move a window to the desired position of multiple monitors in one click by the improved Move to Monitor selector. I found thise on google for Win7. Then using either a virtual number pad or predefined hotkeys, you can quickly bring up a window to fullscreen or switch to another window. Maximize to Desktop Divider's tile via click on the standard Maximize button. You can resize any window and move it to the left half of the screen, the top, the bottom, a corner, etc. Active While the Modifier Keys Pressed - hold down the specified modifier keys when dragging a window to activate the Desktop Divider.

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