However, most items will need to be washed after each wear, and it is important to do so to extend the life of the fabric properly. With the presence of the polyester, your blended shirt or pants, etc., should not shrink. That characteristic is hat makes polyester a good fabric to work with when you do not need a lot of stretch. Wear them till they dry and you should get enough of a stretch to comfortably wear the shirt or pair of pants. It is also made to bounce back to its original shape. Polyester, generally speaking, is not a breathable fabric. The heavyweight method is similar to the wash wear dry system instead of using your body, you use heavyweights. On the other hand, this means that polyester clothing can be donated, re-sold or re-cycled, so it is “green” in that sense. Thanks! Lastly, if polyester is blended with stretch fibers such as spandex (Lycra, elastane, etc. By that, we mean that the cotton and polyester bend should stretch and reduce as any polyester fabric would. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Polyester fabric is naturally stretchy, but it is made to go back to its original form. Turn on the faucet and wait for the water to heat up to a comfortable temperature before lowering the stopper. However, cotton is more prone to shrinkage and wrinkles. A good stretch is always helpful. With the spandex added you get a little stretch in 2 directions but not as much as will take place when you stretch on the bias. You’ll probably be reminded of the 70s leisure suit! Additionally, when blended with Lycra (spandex / elastane), it can add a great deal of stretch, making your performance dress shirt or polo fit and feel better than one made from 100% polyester. Shrink Cotton and Polyester Blend. Generally speaking, use these guidelines to determine how stretchy polyester will be: The feel of polyester depends on which fabrics it is blended with. Other than that polyester on its own will not stretch. As polyester is quite resilient, it can withstand day-to-day wear quite well. If you want your polyester clothing to stretch over time, you need to blend it with another material that has a lot of stretch to it. It's no wonder that polyester blend undershirts are so popular. Cotton/Polyester. Since polyester does not shrink, it would seem that anyone wanting to stretch a dress or skirt already bought it a size or two too small. Fill your sink or a similar container with warm water. This added stretch allows clothing manufacturers to make slimmer, skinny clothes that tightly conform to the body. Run enough water to completely submerge the shirt you want to stretch. Choose a polyester blend undershirt for its stretchiness and comfort, coupled with the moisture-wicking properties it holds. Cotton is a natural fiber that doesn't really have restrictions on how it is shaped. The heavyweight method may work on these clothing items. Cotton, on the other hand, will absorb sweat and moisture which is then retained in the garment, and will take longer to dry. Do you need to buy a size up or down? There are two basic ways to stretch a polyester shirt or pair of pants. Polyester isn't the only synthetic fiber used in clothing brands. The jeans themselves may be a tight fit, but the polyester denim blend lets you move without feeling restricted by the cloth. The cotton-polyester blend is versatile and is used to make everything from bedding to shirts. Plus, your clothes should last a lot longer. This can make it challenging if you are attempting to stretch it out. You can use a brand's sizing guide to find the perfect fit. You will want to keep the water temperature under 230 degrees F when washing. Are they less likely to stretch with the blend of materials? The tricot knit polyester and spandex combination will stretch a long way. Polypropylene is a form of plastic and not really made for such tough work. For a little while at least. The system is designed to stretch your polyester clothes a lot.

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