I have been using Softpedia for more than ten years. RuTracker is great if you're okay with public trackers. We respect our producers, we give them credit for their work, links to their homepage/websites and we award the ones who deserve it.” Keep in mind, the work gets posted before the artist can respond or even if they don’t. Does softonic have viruses? Viruses are entities at the limit of living and non-living. But I wouldn't suggest AN as you can't really get any ratio going. I don't think I've ever had a virus problem with any Softpedia download. Source(s): softonic viruses: https://biturl.im/grlR7. That means they have even more to gain from making sure the apps are safe. Real one, for Windows 6.5 Mobile had a virus. I have found i to be a consistently great service. “Softpedia does not exploit anyone's work. virus - de fiecare data cand pornesc laptopul imi apare avira Attention Detection: link sters si tot cresc, la intervale de cateva...Page 1 of 2 - 0 0. It would install a "Real 1" logo icon on the phone and the desktop, but no working media player. Download Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions - Signature packages containing the latest free virus databases for various Symantec antivirus software for both home and business use Softpedia. Possibly those reviews were posted by competitors. That’s a lot of work when they have over 1.2 million apps, drivers, and games available. Somewhere, I saw criticisms that Softpedia downloads have viruses. The main problem with MusicProd piracy: not everybody wants the same thing. It’s posted even if they can not contact the artist. Even older than FileHippo, Softpedia has been a software download staple since 2001. John. Supposedly, it could only be installed after it was "extracted" on the desktop. Yes, 2nd of every month. Sign in. 2 years ago. 6 years ago. What do you think of the answers? I have had nothing much other than bad luck with Softpedia dot com. Softpedia hosts a lot of free downloads on their own physical servers. Can i download from softonic without getting viruses? See my website for specific uses. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Unlike bacteria, a virus can not feed and reproduce by itself; instead, it needs a host cell to accomplish these functions.

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