AKG C 520 Headset Vocal Microphone Review. Designed for professional use, a majority of audio engineers prefer this kick mic because it captures the clearest kick drum sound. We wish you a delightful sound experience! Its frequency response is optimal for a bass drum sound. Boasting a large dynamic, the microphone offers a full sound. With an output impedance of 300ohms and wonderful menu options, there is little more to ask for… especially for a mic in this price range. From the onset, this mic will prove its capabilities. Undoubtedly, it is a solid option where bass drum mics are concerned. Needless to say, the sound quality will meet, and even surpass your expectations. As such, the Sennheiser e90 does not require any extra cables. It has a unique combination of warmth and clarity that will motivate you to use it in any music session. The impressive AKG C 520 is the best headset microphone for drummers on the market. Needless to say, bass drums sound better when amplified using a kick drum mic. You can never go wrong with the AKG VR. It’s a head-worn mic that fits comfortably and offers a fantastic dynamic range, plus an ultra-clean sound reproduction. The Sennheiser mic’s ergonomic design, rugged construction, and rubber pad makes it versatile enough to be used anywhere – conference tables, altar or podiums, you name it! Or do you want to elevate your studio session or live performance? The best microphone for your kick drum is just as important as the kick drum itself. Perhaps even better is the fact that this dynamic microphone comes with an extra preamp that will change your whole perception of kick drum microphones. Its high frequency response allows it to handle the highest sound pressure levels. Thanks to its open design, the AKG MkII is capable of handling a frequency of up to 160db without any distortion. We hope you will pick the kick drum microphone that speaks to you the most. It goes without saying that the Sennheiser e90 will give you the most satisfactory sound. But when you add a kick drum mic to the equation, you will be much more likely to produce the perfect sound. A kick drum mic can be placed in the following ways; The best way to set up your mic on your drum kit will vary based on how many mics you’re using, and the makeup of your drum kit. This condenser kick mic will make your kick drum apparent. The kit includes enough microphones to record a standard five-piece kit, including mics for the kick, snare, three toms, and stereo overheads.. There is one that will be the ultimate winner. It is versatile, sturdy, and has an abundance of pleasant characteristics. For that reason, it has earned our ‘best pick’ title. It is perfect for live performances. 12 product ratings - Drum Microphones Set: 'Nordell' 7 Pce Mic Kit, 5 Rim Clips, 7 XLR Cables + Case, 6 product ratings - Shure PGADRUMKIT5 5-Piece Drum Kit MICROPHONE SET - NEW - PERFECT CIRCUIT, 12 product ratings - Sennheiser E904 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with Drum Clamp (Set of 2), 4 product ratings - AKG Drum Set Session I 7 Piece Overhead Mic Microphone Pack w/ Case, 16 product ratings - Drum Mic Set Used CAD Pro For Bass Kick+3 Pyle Snare+rack+Floor Tom Toms 4 Piece, 3 product ratings - Sennheiser e600 Drum Recording Studio Microphone Kit Set Pack w/ Hard Case. Too many? If you are a recording studio owner, a hobbyist drummer, or an artist who is preparing for a live concert, then you will need a kick drum microphone. Its evolution has proven revolutionary. Looking to get quality sound output from your kick drum? It will offer that low-end pinch and snap without asking for anything in return. Even better is the fact that you do not need to worry about the mic slipping. All you need to do is set this mic on the right spot and it will obey. The rubber pad ensures that it does not slip, even with constant vibrations. From a brand that you have certainly come across, the Sennheiser e901 gives you an unforgettable audio experience at a highly affordable price. It’s warm, thump sound is even more admirable. Especially so for the Sennheiser, which you can see wired up to many professional stage and studio drum recordings. The low-end sound that it provides has plenty of punch. Its exceptional features and capability makes it our top pick. If you plan on doing a lot of live gigs, you will appreciate its menu options and sturdy build. Highly effective in all situations, the Shure Beta 52A does exactly what it was meant to do- provide special, live sound. When you buy with our links, we may earn a commission. This unique, well-crafted kick drum mic is durable, dynamic, and heavy-duty. This kick drum mic was created for the purpose of improving standard microphones. Studio engineers, recording artists or drummers will appreciate its low frequency response. There you go! For the best feedback, this kick drum mic rejects all unwanted sounds. The CAD D12 has high frequency response that will allow drummers a great sound output. If your mic is producing distorted sounds then it may be time to shop for a new one. Its sleek design and originality are simply undisputable.

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