For instance, a push notification received on a mobile device for an upcoming special day, accompanied by a list of recommended gifts and discount offers, can motivate the recipient to start the buying process for a gift. Like at need recognition and information search stages, also at alternative evaluation stage mobile technology differs from other mediums. After the consumer has developed a want or a need, the next thing he or she will do is starting an information search regarding different alternatives that he/she can purchase to satisfy his/her need. Lastly, mobile and social networking adoption is starting at earlier ages; our children are growing up with tools that many of us adults never dreamed of when we were teenagers. The Consumer Decision-Making Process consists of five steps which are: need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post-purchase behaviour. Importance of Mobile Technology at Purchase Stage. That makes smartphones a very important medium for both online and offline marketers. Location Based Campaigns (campaigns for customers who are in a specific location) Therefore, mobile marketing messages can act as external cues that help consumers to recognize a need, triggering a decision-making process that might result in a purchase. It might be as simple as realizing there are no more vegetables left in the fridge! What we are seeing now is only the tip of the iceberg. Even if purchase stage is affected by previous decision making process stages, marketers can still have a chance to impact consumers who are already at the purchase stage. If mobile services provide value to consumers, such as saving them time, effort and money, they can motivate consumers to start the buying process. Cognitive dissonance is the inner tension that a consumer experiences after recognizing an inconsistency between behaviour, value and opinions. And, speaking of Instagram, it now boasts 130 million monthly active users with 16 billion photos shared with over 45M photos uploaded per day. This is an important stage for marketers because they can build some of their campaigns in order to create this imbalance: by creating a need they could make consumers search out and buy a product or service.. External information search can be based on family & friends effect as well as on public resources. @aaronstrout. Mobile search ads (such as click to locate ads, text ads, product listings ads, etc) In fact, it will be worth paying attention to the impact that mobile content creation has on the traditionally held 90-9-1 principle — the thesis that 90% of Internet users “lurk” or read content, 9 % comment or contribute to conversations and 1% are the real content creators. First, there are more mobile devices than people on this earth. How is a want created? A need can occur immediately and can be a very basic impulse, such as getting hungry. That is because most of the consumers move to the purchase stage by leaving traces, such as making a search, adding a product to the basket and leaving it, commenting on a product page, etc…. First of all, mobile devices and services enable consumers to evaluate alternatives even when they are at physical stores. Once the consumer finds information and alternatives, he/she starts to evaluate them in the alternative evaluation step. Mobile display ads (especially using re-marketing technology by targeting people who are searching for specific types of products) can be used to impact consumers’ decisions at this stage. Meanwhile, as I discussed in my mobile marketing predictions post back in January, the meteoric growth of mobile devices and technology continues to change the way we live on a daily basis. Likewise, mobile technology plays an important role for marketers at post-purchase stage. Regarding payment stage through mobile devices, we can talk about different usage of mobile devices, such as making a purchase via mobile app or mobile site, making an online payment via mobile and purchasing via mobile payment at the offline store. 3. In purchase stage, marketers’ job is to make their products available to the customers and make the purchase process easy and enjoyable for the consumers. Importance of Mobile Technology on Information Search Stage, Mobile services can allow access to all types of information regarding products and services, especially with the help of mobile internet. Most important of all, don’t be afraid to test new types of content across your owned and shared channels. There are a few driving forces behind this new phenomenon. There are a few driving forces behind this new phenomenon. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If the product /service does not meet his/her requirements, then dissatisfaction might occur. Mobile devices and mobile services can help consumers enjoying the best of both physical and online worlds by combining the benefits of in-store and online shopping environments. Finally, in the post-purchase stage the consumer has an experience using the product/service that has been purchased. 1. So you should take special care of your website’s behavior on mobile devices. But in order to be effective, Mobile Marketing tactics should be built around consumers’ behaviours from the very beginning of the purchase journey.

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