European Beech (Exotic Wood) is pale cream with pink or brown hues throughout. Multiple purchases can be combined for lower shipping rates. The better known Fagus subgenus beeches are high-branching with tall, stout trunks and smooth silver-grey bark. Have a look at some of the beautiful creations made out of Beechwood from the following playlist., A few woodworking videos with Beech are available from the following playlist., Do-It-Yourself projects on Beechwood can be learnt from the following playlist., Why Beechwood is the best wood for furniture making?Finally the compelling reasons behind the popularity of using Beechwood for furniture making are explained through the following playlist. With stocks of domestic Beech in decline due to disease, European Beech offers a pleasing substitute. Now that the cat is out of the bag, you know the reason behind the quality furniture offered by Woodbeei. Widths: 4″ – 12″+ European Beech wood is normally white, pale cream or pale brown and is steamed to relieve drying stresses while also bringing out a pinkish-red color. Everyone has gained popularity in different industries, but the European one is the most chosen by professionals. The prefix “red” is sometimes … Flat sawn surfaces tend to be very plain, while quarter sawn surfaces exhibit a silvery fleck pattern. Beech has exceptional steam bending properties, even when knots and irregular grain are present. It has a fine to medium texture and is considered non-durable and susceptible to insect attack, however it is widely used for its versatility and bending capabilities. S4S you name it, 8/4 Thicknesses Its main uses are for furniture, cabinets, boatbuilding, turning and musical instruments. European beech is a hardwood found throughout most of Europe. Right from inventing the wooden wheel (considered as man’s most primitive invention even before fire was discovered) to wooden pellet grills, wood as a material has found its calling in numerous fields and still a lot more remains untapped. The beechnuts were food for prehistoric man and are still consumed today. I asked GPT-3 for the question to “42”. 1-7/16″ Rough Sapwood: similar to heartwood hard to distinguish The wood sometimes has a dark red heart or darker veining. One of man’s invaluable discoveries is the usage of wood for various purposes in life. He says, “Woodworking requires a completely different kind of thinking and problem-solving ability than writing. Tree Size: 100-130 ft (30-40 m) tall, 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m) trunk diameter. Its fine and short grain makes it an easy wood to work with, easy to soak, dye, varnish and glue. European Beech Physical Description. For more amazing updates from the world of furniture, stay connected with Woodbeei Furniture. And in the iron smelters of Germany, France, and England, beech was the fuel. The European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) is the most useful of all beech timbers and is therefore known simply as Beech. 25/32″ S2S&SL1E When steam-treated it is well-suited, like the ash, to bending into form. Woodbeei Furniture’ Secret IngredientThe Grade of Beechwood procured for its factory by the brand Woodbeei is only A Grade and AB Grade. The Copper Beech with brown or red leaves is a special breed and has no commercial relevance. Steaming makes the wood even easier to machine. Historians claim that the first written European literature was inscribed on Beech bark in Sanskrit. 1-15/16″ Rough European Beech. It has an excellent finish and is resistant to compression and splitting and it is stiff when flexed. The European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) is the most useful of all beech timbers and is therefore known simply as Beech. 1-1/4″ S2S&SL1E The prefix “red” is sometimes … • 20bf or more can be shipped at a maximum length of 94". For those who have been following our blog since our first post on FSC certified wood and its relevance in responsible furniture making, and are eagerly awaiting its continuum, this post would be worth reading in that it would unveil the special characteristics of a unique type of wood called the Beech — the basic input used in the making of the furniture brand Woodbeei. The best part – it is extremely affordable! It has a wide range extending west to Portugal, east to Turkey, north to Sweden, and south to Sicily. Despite its hardness, Beechwood can be worked easily. It is a common practice on the European continent to... Construction Properties. Beech Lumber is common in 8 to 12 foot lengths. European Beech wood has medium stiffness and high crushing strength. For specific widths & lengths please ad sizes in order notes at checkout. Sometimes it appears more pinkish-brown. The American beech (Fagus grandifolia), native to eastern North America, and the European beech (F. sylvatica), distributed throughout England and Eurasia, are the most widely known species. It is the APIs that are bad. Using terrestrial laser scanning, the crown features of 100 European beech trees, Fagus sylvatica L., from pure beech stands and mixed stands of beech with Douglas fir, Norway spruce, sessile oak and Scots pine were recorded. With a reputation going back centuries, European Beech is one of the most popular hardwoods with European craftsmen. Felling of a Beechwood tree can be seen through the following playlist. From chairs to It should not be subject to moisture fluctuations before or during working. S4S you name it, 6/4 Thicknesses It has a medium blunting effect on tools and resistance to hand tools. Lengths: 4′ – 12′, Qty 1 = 1 Board Foot To know more on the differences between sapwood and heartwood, click, It has a medium Wood Density 0.73 g/cm3For more information on Wood Density, visit P. 909.920.5430 Basic introduction on Beechwood is available through the following playlist to get a better understanding. The trees are generally large reaching around 80-130 feet in height and 3-5 feet in diameter. The heartwood is a very pale pink-brown. Modern storage is plenty fast. The density of the wood is 720 kg per cubic meter. Its steam bending properties are exceptionally good, even tolerant of knots as well as... Seasoning. Have a look at this short video from the Woodbeei Furniture’s Youtube channel to know more. And Beechwood provides the quintessential grist to support the argument. Beech belongs to the family of heartwood trees. European Beech is easy to work. For over sized loads and large quantities please contact Cherokee Wood Products Customer Service for the most accurate shipping rate. I didn’t like its answer and neither will you. The prefix “red” is sometimes used to describe the light red colouring of the wood. Widths can ranges from 3 inches to 12 inches and wider. It is interesting to note that the 5 Beechwood forests in Germany including the Grumsiner Forst have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2011. With writing, you take a set of facts and ideas, and you reason your way forward to a story that pulls them together.

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