Wasteland Tactical - Visible Weapons on Packs. There is a carry weight category. It is very fun and satisfying, you can do it if you try and you really want to. It has been a part of every play through I have done in FO4. If you look for imperfections in this mod, you will most certainly find them. every gun goes pink for me ive tried uninstalling and getting the textures only version but they still all show up pink, how can i fix this??? Please read the mod description and the sticky posts above, there is specific information about textures and how to use the texture pack material swaps. I am confident about this. There are two great mods I know of out there that offer some awesome holstered weapons set up for the Rebel pack: With FO4Edit you can check the armor slot of any item you would like to use, to determine how they can work together with other items. I am thinking I should remove CVWAS and reinstall VWOP and see what happens. Yes, I have the CVWAS installed along side this mod. Fun stuff like LL injection, legendary versions, and quests. Something is definitely awry with your install if all of those items are missing from the VWOP chem bench category. Does anybody know where to find the backpacks to fit them in Bodyslide? Recently added 37 View all 1,132. Hundreds of possible combinations. Give it a try! Works for companions, too. Allows multiple independent holstered weapons. You are welcome, very glad you are enjoying it. I am wondering if I have a mod conflict somewhere that is messing with this. The items from this mod do not get their positions changed at the armor workbench, they are what they are. Lots more vanilla weapons and gear could be done, like mines, grenades, magazines, melees, pipe stuff, institute, minutemen, etc. Fallout 4. close. You are sure you are looking in the Visible Weapons on Packs category? Do you have CVWAS installed, and are looking in Visible Weapons Add-on Series perhaps? Log in to view your list of favourite games. I will help you via PM if I can. Turns out I had the AE patch installed. Please see the mod description page wherein I have listed the authors of the mods whose elements I've worked with, especially the thanks section at the end. oh no, thanks for the repIy but I meant like in the ck or fo4edit is there a way to change the values. I can't find them at all and they don't appear with "batch build" like the other clothes do, They are archived in the ba2 files. But the items in that mod are separate items. You're just making straps. If you use the User Slot ## slot change method for the item you are using, you can change it to whichever slot # you would prefer. Items that use 57 and 58 will unequip the left and back items from this mod, respectively. The other ones in the description are just recommendations. The language barrier will require some patience and perseverance I am sure, but I am confident you can do it. But if I'm not mistaken uses Slot 57 or 58, where I use 59 for that placement. Zachtan1234, I'll be asking really nicely! AWKCR and VIS-G patches for multiple mods! I've been having slot 59 weapons disappear too (never any other slots) and I've just been having to unequip and re-equip the holstered weapon (or drop it & pick it up) to fix it. It would be fun if you have to earn the good stuff! I am not a 3D-modeler (yet), so I used the tools available to me that I know. If some other people feel the same way, maybe they’ll like this mod. Please read the details above if you have missing textures. Some assets in this file belong to other authors. These packs make that play style feasible, and I think it's way more fun. You can use Bethesda Archive Extractor (available on the nexus) to pull them out. If you are using the main version there are a couple of choices in the carry weight category, if you are using the Armorsmith Extended version the packs have the standard AE carry weight modifier choices (pack rat, total cheater etc.).

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