Explore the Family Frist Switzerland website, and give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook. The Swiss once wore tights that were either knitted at home or purchased in stores. While the blog is aimed at women over 40 but is relevant to anyone who wants to stay young at heart and has an interest in the latest trends. She has a classic, easy style and upbeat personality that just draws you in. She now commutes between Lausanne and London as an interior designer, decorating office spaces, apartments, and restaurants. But which rising stars should you follow first? Passionate about fashion, lifestyle, and travel, he started his blog, Signature Style, as a way to share the latest fashion trends, his travel recommendations, and how to create an amazing but affordable lifestyle. ‘Oasis calm’, ‘Most beautiful place on the planet’’ and ‘Love at first sight’ are just … A must-have for both Swiss locals and visiting families alike. Have a Clean Look. Also evident on her blog and Instagram feed is her love for photography and Switzerland, making her worth a follow for the gorgeous imagery alone. Fashion Communication in the Digital Age FACTUM 19 Fashion Communication Conference, Ascona, Switzerland, July 21-26, 2019 January 2019 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-15436-3 Check her out for tips on staying stylish through a pregnancy, how to care for natural hair, and makeup tips and reviews. Zurich, Switzerland About Blog The most … Les Toiles Studio Subscribe to her blog and follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Fashion Communication in the Digital Age FACTUM 19 Fashion Communication Conference, Ascona, Switzerland, July 21-26, 2019 A dressy outfit or two is nice to have in case you go out to dinner or go to a concert. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Yvonne is the founder of FunkyForty, an online magazine where she shares style tips and ideas as well as fashion trends, travel, and her favorite foods. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe to his blog. Whether you’re into fashion and beauty, health and travel, or love hearing about regional cuisine, you’ll love seeing these bloggers in your Instagram feed! When planning what to bring to Switzerland, keep in mind that European cities tend to be a bit more “dressy” than those in North America, so bring along a nice dress to wear for an evening out or a meal at a special restaurant (especially if you’re heading to Geneva, known for being a bit more formal than other cities in Switzerland). Fax: 1.941.827.2985. Elena is the founder of Family Frist Switzerland, a city guide for both local and expat families living in Switzerland. Born on an avocado farm in the south of Spain, Sofia and her family moved to Switzerland when she was 10. Switzerland Clothing Style. They use their blog as a way to stay financially accountable, get better at managing expenses and income, and share their thoughts about personal finance, budgets, and living in Switzerland. With 34.3 thousand followers on Instagram, she is constantly working on collaborations and is the Swiss ambassador of Calvin Klein and Redken. She started her blog, Blaastyle.com, during her time at university and while it started as a fashion blog, she now also writes about beauty care and lifestyle topics. Subscribe to The Poor Swiss blog and follow them on Twitter. Fanny is a 21 year old University student from Switzerland who started a her blog, Franny The Foodie, back in 2014 after making a birthday cake for her sister using her own recipe. Head over to her blog for an enormous catalog of recipes, from chickpea scrambles and crunchy almond butter cups to sourdough bread and stuffed butternut squash. If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! This label originates from St. Gallen and for the last 70 years, it has manufactured strikingly elegant clothes – creations that can also be seen at Paris fashion shows or in Vogue, and are bought by celebrities all over the world. She also blogs about travel, fitness, and gives readers a unique window into her experiences in the world of social media. Akris is one of the few exceptions. ch. What Kind of Clothes Do They Wear in Switzerland? Ralph is an entrepreneur and founder of A Gentleman’s World, a blog that offers reviews and commentary on favorite "guy" topics, including watches, cars, and golf, as well as travel, fashion, and gourmet eats. On her blog, Sofia Clara, she shares DIY décor ideas and recipes she's created, as well as fashion and beauty favorites and insights into her life as a creative entrepreneur. After working for Google and discovering her love for social media and programming, she launched her blog, which has a treasure trove of recipes, including one for some truly delicious looking vegan and gluten-free brownies(yum!). Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her blog and YouTube channel. Born in Canada, Alison Liaudat now resides in Switzerland and launched her own fashion blog, Bang Bang Blond, in 2013 to share her views on fashion - and the world has taken notice. Based in Bern, Switzerland, Lara Delilah loves to experiment in the kitchen and create new plant-based recipes. Subscribe to her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Romina is a Swiss fashion blogger and young entrepreneur based in Lausanne. The Poor Swiss are a young couple hoping to become financially independent before the age of 50. Learn about your options, rights and more by reading our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Credits; WINTER CAMPAIGN Geneva is the second-most populous city in Switzerland and the most populous city of Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Average salary for Other Fashion Career(Lugano, Switzerland) is CHF 60,000 (US$ 61,576). While she gives insider tips and shares her unique style and love for fashion, her goal is to inspire others to be confident, try new styles, and make dressing fun. It may well harbour some potential but as yet, it mostly occupies a niche on the regional (or occasionally national) market. 4299 Express Lane Born and raised in Mexico, Diana moved to Switzerland in 2009. With 34.3 thousand followers on Instagram, she is constantly working on collaborations and is the Swiss ambassador of Calvin Klein and Redken. Swiss fashion designers of international renown Among Switzerland's fashion designers who operate on an international scale is Dorothée Vogel, whose label bears her own name. Launched in 2017, The Poor Swiss is a blog that asks the question "is it possible to retire early in Switzerland?" Geneva is a great location for shopping. Heddi is an American living in Western Switzerland who enjoys learning about Swiss food (who wouldn't, right?). After years of working as a stylist and an editor for Marie Claire magazine, Sandra Bauknecht launched her website, Sandra's Closet. Subscribe to her blog and YouTube channel, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram. So, like so many places around the world, fashion in Switzerland says, “when in doubt, wear black.”. 52. By visiting and using MyUS.com, you consent to our use of cookies. Subscribe to her blog and follow her on Facebook and Instagram. free Fashion Communication in the Digital Age FACTUM 19 Fashion Communication Conference, Ascona, Switzerland, July 21-26, 2019 . Based in Switzerland, Priscilla Rossi is a strategic planner for a branding agency as well as a blogger that focuses on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle on her blog, Mercredie. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe to her blog. The Swiss consider black and darker-colored fabrics to be stylish and classy. Frequency 1 post / month Since Sep 2015 Blog strawberriesnchampagne.com Twitter followers 1 ⋅ Domain Authority 21 ⋅ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact. She covers everything from the best restaurants and accommodations to the best places to visit in the city. With a degree in electrical engineering and currently working as a development engineer in medical technology, Hans Fischer is the mind behind Technikblog.ch, a blog about technical topics, including reviews and how-to instructions for a variety of "techie" gear, including the best video player for Apple TV and iOS and how to use smart light controls in your home. Fashionable Cities. Mr. and Mrs. 4. With a gorgeous landscape, world-class cities, and an eye on fashion and design, it’s no wonder that Switzerland is bustling with social media influencers. Since his breakthrough in the 1980s, Kriemler has opened shops in many of the world's major fashion centres such as Paris, Vienna and Tokyo. fashionrevolution . Zurich is known to be a place that is both conservative and casual, which means that it is acceptable to wear jeans and even sneakers for almost any occasion.. Hey Pretty Beauty Blog | Beauty, style, hair and much more. To get you started, we’ve rounded up the cream of Switzerland’s social media crop. Beatrice Lessi is an Italian ultra runner, mother, wife, and founder of Ask The Monsters, a Swiss Lifestyle blog that focuses on Swiss street style, high fashion, health, and travel. On her personal blog, Cuisine Helvetica, she shares recipes you can use at home and information about regional foods, as well as culinary events and travel.

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