You just need to cook clever and get creative! How To Make 5 Freezer Friendly Meals in 45 Minutes, (preferably homemade, here is my Easy Classic Enchilada Sauce), (Mexican Shredded Pork), chicken or any other protein of your choice, , finely sliced (or 1/2 red spanish onion, diced), , finely chopped (optional - for garnish). Not because it’s a freezing cold day here in Sydney and I wanted to snap pictures before the cheese hardened and look completely unappetising, but because THIS IS MY LUNCH! I served with tortillas and homemade salsa and a garlic / cilantro sauce, black beans and rice. Mexico. You come up with such great meals ideas Nagi! Regular ALDI shoppers know that products there come and go, but usually return. Lv 4. When it is golden and crispy, remove from pan and set aside. Calories. Get 2 baking trays and place 2 pizzas on each. Scatter over the pork carnitas, corn kernels, capsicum then lastly the cheese. I love taco bell Mexican pizza, so in the spirit of continuing my tradition of attempting to duplicate my restaurant favorites, I had to come up with my own Mexican pizza recipe.. Review: Burger King's Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork Sand... Review: Bove's All Natural Roasted Tomato Pasta Sauce, Potted Meat Is Nastier Than You Can Imagine, Perusahaan Endorphina – Slot yang menghasilkan Endorfin, Junk Food Guy: Your Daily Snack of Junk Food, Pop Culture, & Awkwardness, Review: Most Stuf Oreo & Hi! In this series, each meal serves 4, so if you’re cooking for 2, then you’ll have 10 meals! Tuesdays are often Taco Tuesday in my house; we make up a pan of seasoned ground beef, and then we all build our own tacos using a variety of ingredients and toppings. Required fields are marked *. N xx. You want the base of the pizza to be as crispy as possible without the cheese burning. Remove from oven, scatter with parsley or coriander (if using), then cut into wedges and serve. Nutritional Information. And it’s a super cost effective menu because there’s a lot of common ingredients, plus a little bit of Pork Carnitas goes a long way. Freezer Burns: Frozen Food Reviews from the Frozen Food Master, Gregory Ng, Kid Cuisine Limited Edition How to Train Your Dragon Chicken Nuggets Video Review (Ep692), Royal Bacon Society - The Ultimate Bacon Resource, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. This will be thicker than enchilada sauce so you won't need as much for each pizza. Join my free email list to receive THREE free cookbooks! 1 decade ago . RED BARON ® Classic Crust Special Deluxe Pizza. Whatever. Thin, crispy crust topped with taco sauce, roasted chicken strips, red, green, and yellow peppers, shredded cheeses, and red onion. I love the caramelisation you get which adds both flavour and texture. I love the corn and the melting cheese. 0 1. stillhappy89. These Mexican Pizzas are great to either make ahead and freeze, or make fresh for a mid week meal. It takes about the same amount of time to prepare, and it's almost as much fun. Defrost prior to cooking. I am OBSESSED with them! Hungry for more? I believe you can make great food with everyday ingredients even if you’re short on time and cost conscious. in 1 hour for $50 using one batch of Pork Carnitas. What an awesome pizza idea and I love that it is freezer friendly! What a great lunch you had, Nagi. . You want the oven screaming hot! Mexico is warm. THESE WERE AMAZING. 4. The pizza is ready when the cheese is melted and starting to bubble. Thanks Matt! Yes, it is really kid friendly! Pizza tray. I’m planning on doing your 5 Mexican meals plan this week, including these pizzas as it looks amazing! Still have questions? They crisped very well this time! I cooked this today but the pizza crust wasn’t cooked! It will still be amazing! I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something so odd about the taste of store bought frozen pizzas. Woo hoo! We have a great time, and eat great tacos. I love hearing how you went with my recipes! Just like with music. I also bought frozen pizza at store once, and will never never again. ellios frozen pizzas in the refrigerator isle at your local supermarket. I like making these with flatbreads which are not only much better value (and healthier) than store bought pizza bases, but also they also bake crispier which I love! The Taco Seasoned Pizza is very authentic, with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheeses, green and red peppers, sliced black olives, and chopped onion on a taco-sauced thin crust. So glad you love the carnitas as much as I do Suzie!! Optional (but not really...): Heat 1/2 tbsp of oil in a fry pan over high heat. 3 servings per container. But then the pizza won't have quite the Mexican flavours. It’s self inflicted cruel and unusual torture. To bake, just thaw them for about 30 minutes to an hour so the base is properly defrosted. You need that oven cranked right up! This is a great make-ahead meal that you can assemble then pop into the freezer, ready to bake for a quick meal. But you can substitute with cooked chicken or beef (lamb might be a bit odd tasting with Mexican flavours…..). Four savory cheeses and a crust with just the right crunch make RED BARON ® Classic Crust Four Cheese Pizza perfect anytime.

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