Our selection of anime replica swords can make that dream a reality. Custom Swords by Fable Blades. 41" Foam Anime Slayer Shinobu Kocho Cosplay Sword with Scabbard. This lion themed cane sword is the result of damascus folded steel which has visible grain pattern (HADA). . : Expand your Anime dream collection of swords with the Kyouraku Shunsui Twin Sword Set.... :"Ene" is the sixth member of the Mekakushi Dan. The question is where can I find a good selection of functional anime reproductions at a fairly reasonable price. : We have replicated the Toushiro Hitsugaya's Zanpakuto sword from Japanese Anime and it is... 75 Supplying bespoke creations to USA, Europe, Australia and Worldwide. If you want to wield Ryu Hayabusa’s Dragon Sword from Ninja Gaiden or proudly display Zanpakuto from Bleach, we have the right anime replica sword for you. Looking for a traditional samurai or ninja sword? Close to View Results Created with Sketch. As... :Dual Blades is a Unique Skill that belongs to Kirito in Sword Art Online. They are also suited for stage productions and fight choreography. Known as the Absolute Sword when she arrives at Alfheim Online, Konno Yuuki has a unique blade that .. $389.99 . If for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, we're here to make it right. :This is actually Sasuke Kusanagi's sword from the world famous Japanese Anime series in durable... :Ichigos Sword was formed into a new state of Bankai creating the Anime Ultimate Ichigo... 41 items left. All of our anime swords are fully functional, perfect for both the fan and the collector. The... 20 Where to find functional anime swords. Add to Compare. Authentic Real Forged, Functional "Battle Ready Swords" All the swords found in our functional swords section are real swords that are properly forged, tempered and made like the originals. My second custom katana is in the mail now! We needed a rush build and the sword came on time. items left. :The final form of Ichigo's Bankai, named Tensa Bankai (Chains Of Heaven-Slicing Moon), is considered... 21 When I say anime sword, I don't mean something like this or this, but more along the lines of these. They come in many different types for art forms like Tameshigiri, Iaito, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and WEMA. Thank you very much. The original sword is built out of expensive diamonds or crystal but our replica sword is built out of 440 stainless steel. :This little Blood Stained Soul Kunai set comes with twelve throwers, six of them are... :As the rival of Saizo and head of Sanada's ninja squad, Sasuke uses this Brave... 10 The blade has been highly hand polished and hand sharpened. Filter. Add to Compare. Nichirin Blades are special blades used by and made specifically for the Anime Corps to the story. Learn more about our entire selection of anime swords today. Add to Sword Bag. We also offer replicas from movies and TV, video games, and more. items left. 41 Inch Overall Foam Anime Slayer Shinobu Kocho Cosplay Sword with Scabbard. Swords of Northshire allows you to customize some key aspects of your order including sharpening preferences and engraving styles. I am extremely satisfied with Swords of Northshire. We work with only most trusted forges to create completely custom swords for you. The quality in craftsmanship of the sword I had custom made is impeccable. Quick View. A nodachi greatsword can be forged.. is made with an intense focus on detail and quality craftsmanship. Whether you love One Piece or Blue Exorcist, you can find weapons from these shows in our collection. Heavenly Swords does not represent or warrant the accuracy or reliability of the information, and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. items left. Hand forged Japanese katana swords/functional swords/sharp/ / anime/Enhanced Edition/Rorono Zorro series/鬼彻 . I would and will definitely be back again to re-order another in the future. items left. Made of 1095 high carbon steel, every one of our. Impressed by their professional approach. From the Anime Shakugan no Shana, Dan checks out the Blutsauger sword and finds it both full tang and carbon steel, making it the closest to a functional sword of any anime replica sword to date. Use anime swords for cosplaying, or even LARPing. This Roronoa Zoro sword replica is a hand-forged, folded steel katana made to look just like Roronoa.. Add to Compare. :This is the Ichigo Tensa Bankai Anime Sword which features a unique newly invented sound... : This massive 68 inch Ichigo Ultimate Tensa Zangetsu, meaning "Heaven Chain Slaying Moon", is... :As Ichigo Kurosaki's legendary zanpakutou (supernatural weapons aka "soul cutter") from the anime and manga... :This 41 inch blade is wielded by Ichigo Kurosaki consequent to unleashing the dual blade... 23 The handle is a beautiful leather wrapped handle while the sword is displayed in a hardwood wall plaque. Check out the black blade of Konno Yuuki’s thrust sword or the mirror-like surface of Vergil’s Yamato katana from Devil May Cry. It is inspired by the manga and anime series of Kaori Yuki. The blade of... : We have replicated the Sode no Shirayuki sword from Japanese Anime carried by Ruki... 49 Normal version $99 Enhanced version, purple shell $150 Knife: Alloy Accessories: co... $150.00 $550.00. Originally owned by Ryuma, Shusui from One Piece returns to the anime screen in the hands of Roronoa.. items left. Notify me when this product is available: :Fans of the Japanese Anime and Manga can rejoice this Absolute Avenger Julie Blaze Blade... :Murasame is a Teigu in the form of a long katana that is used by... :With a strange talent for killing, Sheele was a member of the Assassin's group, Night... :For our avid Anime fans we bring you the new Anime Ichigo Final Tensa Bankai... 11

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