Conclusion : To conclude, since English and Arabic are two different languages from different origins and families, they both have their own grammar, vocabulary, style, and phonology. English and Arabic are from two different language families, Germanic and Semitic, respectively. understanding of translation between Arabic and English. Because they descend from different language families, English and Arabic have numerous differences in their individual grammars. How Arabic and English are Different • Writing and Script. Use the information in the attached file to help you understand some of the difficulties you may have learning English. Contrastive analysis between English and Arabic prepositions The book draws upon contrastive linguistics. Contrastive linguistics is a linguistic study of two languages, aiming to identify differences between them. Learning about differences Arabic is a Semitic language and is spoken throughout the Middle East, North Africa and some African countries. 2. To be rightfully honest, this makes sense. English and Arabic are two major languages which have many differences and similarities in grammar. is a platform for academics to share research papers. English script reads from left to right, while Arabic script reads from right to left. Contrastive analysis between English and Arabic prepositions (PDF) Contrastive analysis between English and Arabic ... Contrastive analysis is the systematic study of a pair of languages with a view to identifying their structural differences and similarities. Learning about differences between English and Arabic. In this paper, we discussed the basic grammatical structure of the sentence in the two languages in details and differentiated between them. These languages both originated in different parts of the world and, therefore, had few connections with their inception. The grammar of a language includes its phonetic attributes, and there are many phonetic differences between the English and Arabic languages. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t any relationship between the two. When it comes to classifying the similarities and differences between English and Arabic, the differences far outweigh the similarities. When you compare the way in which Arabic and English appear on the page, you will immediately be struck by the fact that they appear very different.

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