... 3anjad you are the best you are very helpful and respond fast and the delivery is very fast sometimes my order comes the next day . Shop at HiCart for our latest products, offers & promotions with free returns, cash on delivery and a secured online payment. your service is so nice and your prices as well, thank you so much I recommend Sohaticare for everyone ♥️, I have ordered from other place places before but nothing beats your packaging waaaaw ♥️, AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS | FREE DELIVERY | FREE CONSULTATION, Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum 30ML. My face used to be very problematic especially around my cheek, now it's calmer a lot clearer. Contact. Thanks for the order, its the first time I purchase from your website and you are so pro!! 92,000 LBP 73,600 LBP. Pigment White + Lifting Program Kit for 1 Week (Gift), Hydra-Hyal Serum 30ML + Mini Time Filler (Gift), Dual Efficacy: Anti-Age Peeling & Moisturizing Serum, LIMITED EDITION Mission Eclat - Clean & Radiant Set, Phyto Novatrix Global Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Set 12x3.5ML, Horme Lift High Redefenition Cream 50 Ml + Horme City Antioxidant City Cream 30 ML (Gift), Stress Resist Anti-Perspirant Intensive Treatment 72-Hour Roll-On, Anthelios Ultra Non-Perfumed Cream Spf50+ 50ML, Secret d’Excellence The Concentrated Serum 30ML, PHYTOSQUAM Anti dandruff moisturizing shampoo 250 ML, I just received my order and the packaging is so professional! I got vichy samples will try them and order too. No flavours, no additives, it is just pure water with bubbles to lift you and your inner state. Stay connected with news, special offers, and more! Watersouq is one of the first leading water suppliers in Kuwait. You helped me a lot! just pure water, no chemicals or unnecessary alterations. I want to tell you again thank you so much, It hasn't been long since I ordered and already I'm seeing great results on my face. ADD TO CART. After ordering two orders in 2 weeks from sohaticare, i am on my way to the third one due to the best products, unexpected gifts and the awesome customer service ever... go on w mesh haki, best customer service Ive ever had and you are so helpful and you reply anytime! Really thank you a lot for the great service, it has not been a long time since I started using the products you recommended and I'm already seeing results, my skin doesn't look oily anymore! Peak Valley Water, your body would thank you. Check out water coolers, dispensers, pumps and bottles that can be seamlessly connected to your existing water supply. We aim to see the society, which is healthy and living a quality life. Much Cleaner Water For Your Home Drinking. Water | Best Online Grocery Shopping Store & home delivery in Kuwait just one click away. Shop from a large selection of Beverages in Beirut, Lebanon and enjoy Carrefours great prices, guaranteed quality, secure payment, fast delivery and in-store returns! Give yourself the opportunity to drink the finest product of earth. I forgot about all my other products and I will only use the ones you recommend! Online Shopping for Nestle Water. Add to Cart. 330ml 24 pieces. w thanks for the gifts, I made another order, should arrive soon as well Thank you!! Bottled Water Delivery Convenience delivered. Lebanon Garnier. keep up the good work, will order more in the upcoming days!More than perfect!! My skin is a lot less oily ! It lubricates the joints, it boosts skin health and beauty, it cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues, it regulates body temperature, it flushes body waste and it helps maintain blood pressure. (H20) . Seriously thank you so much ❤ I loved working with you and you make the client super comfortable. x4 Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ML. CONTACT US +961 76 411361 [email protected] Reach Us ... Sohat, 1 L Glass ,12 Bottles . Choose Your Preferred Bottle Size & Send Your Order, Copyright 2012 - 2020 Avada | All Rights Reserved. The water is light and crisp with low mineral content and almost no sodium at all.

We are a proud Sohat Still Water distributors in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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