Each role are lovely. Waiting for Jung Hae In and Krystal Jung and Lee Kyu Hyung and Kang Seung Yoon to make their appearances here ❤. I can't even believe that those 5 really played the instrument in their every band practice. super excited, cant wait !!! I'm just laughing at the whole 1st episode. Love this show. So it makes sense that so many popular actors decided to participate in this production, bc all of his dramas have been super successful. maria Apr 06 2020 10:13 am Hehe. M3rry Jun 01 2020 7:40 am Best medical Drama, it warns your heart, all actors are able to portray their characters well, deserve an award. Well it seems there will be another season since the director confirmed it already. N when ik sun kicks. BunnyNoona May 29 2020 1:11 pm just to relax our eye and mind, and learn a lot med-term. Well this is not everyone's cup of tea but also lots of people enjoy this drama. bravo to the writers and actors for bringing that to life. It’s the same directors from prison playbook! Anyone can tell me please, thank you, Manjri Mar 28 2020 1:11 pm theres no specific scene for that where she was revived but since the ep started with her on the ward, we can just conclude that she did. I love all the actor and actress, wonderful cast and crew. Like every scenes here are so precious and touching. Chae Song Hwa. Sara Mar 18 2020 4:20 am Thank you all. cherry Apr 10 2020 3:10 am I am so anticipating the next ones. i love when they played mafia game or tried to find the car while the omoni didn't bring the car.. :'), it's so sad this drama only air once a week with 12 epsd.. It's the song when they went to karaoke. Seulkirowoon Uisasaenghwal It's a very refreshing to see a simple everyday life the staff of the hospital. I couldn't really ask for more. Can't wait season 2 ? the people we missed from SWHxLWJ's dramas; our dad Sung Dong-il, Gold-Star Samcheonpo Kim Sung-kyun, Haerong's steel-hearted mom Yum Hye-ran, and actors whise characters in every drama; Hwang Young-hee ans Ye Ji-won.. i understand people who found this drama boring lol. Love from Indonesia. Based on Episode 3 & 4. Love every little details of the stories. I really loved this drama. Bumi Jan 21 2020 6:35 am I hope suzy will take lead role, I always wanted to see her in a medical drama. Can’t wait for 2021! An amaaaaazing drama. I really love this series!!! This is extremely addicting the character are so different and conclusion i don't think she will be with any of them. Karen Jul 31 2019 1:46 pm Can't wait for the next season! ahhh.. i always excited every week... other ongoing drama is exciting also like the world of the married. MamaJey Apr 03 2020 5:24 am For those who prefer rollercoaster dramatic conflicts in a drama may find hospital playlist boring. Can't wait for the show! To all of the staff, you've done very good job in making this beautiful drama! This Drama Is Worth To Watch! Shin Won Ho never fails. Can he cameo with Kim Hye Soo! This is beyond boring. To them, your conditions matter most. Song-Hwa and Chi-Yong would probably end up together. Hope that Song-Hwa and Ik-jun will be together in the season 2 and they will perform as a band in Yulje Hospital. Hospital playlist doesn't have much back time scenes and focus on this era, it has nothing new too cause there's a lot of medical kdrama with deep medical information and more patient focused conflict than this drama. ArabellaLowe Jul 15 2020 5:58 am Upi Feb 17 2020 10:08 pm I respect both screenwriter and the director because I still got the same feeling like when I watched Wise Prison Life and I got really hooked up with this drama. the work of so many actors from Sth Korea. Even the elders' friendship is just as sweet. Egg drop May 28 2020 2:02 pm ema May 24 2020 2:23 pm Wow I cannot believe my two ALister in one drama! I do not even know if there is a strong plot in this series. Still I am going to watch until the end. Makes me can't wait for the episodes to come out. I'm confused about Jang Gyeo-wool, what resident is she? Waiting for the next season ... coww May 29 2020 12:53 am Ree May 28 2020 6:27 pm //]]>. This is like a reunion of Prison Playbook, there are many cast from PP that was here either as regular cast or a cameo role. -may contain SPOILER-. Thank u for your hard work.. ^^, PTR May 29 2020 6:02 am Maybe season 2 to come very soon. One of the best medical drama sooo far! 0522 May 28 2020 6:16 pm But anyway it’s superb and such wholesome drama. ? Realistic hospital scenes. There's no doubt that it's one of the best dramas you'll ever watched. Abegail Manubay May 16 2020 10:17 am Mizuki May 27 2020 2:13 pm i can agree with you, this drama are unlike common K-drama in general term. @Ken below me. Kyla Apr 09 2020 6:13 pm I hope it will be more successful, not only in Korea, but worldwide as well. Best drama 2020 for me. All of the dramas directed by Shin Won-Ho are absolutely AMAZING, and so far this is no exception. Two of my favorite caliber actors lead line up. I just found myself clicking on the the next episode and next and next. It live up to its predessessor's name. friendship goal! Each character has a very unique roles to play. Can’t wait to see them together I’m very exciting!!! MusicListener Apr 29 2020 12:30 pm Thanks For A Great Drama, Recently I tend to skip some scene like a lot because it didn't amuse me but I watch this till very end without skipping any scene ! I guess we were expecting to much out of this, because so far it's falling flat at my house. All the actors and actresses are amazing. The acting however was really good and it was nice to see the friendship between the five friends. beobja had made his cameo, i hope everyone in prison playbook appear as cameo too. Thank you PD Shin and Writer Lee and the whole team of Hospital Playlist. people will wait the next season, rather than asking for new season. Hope theres more episodes. Hospital Playlist is definitely worth watching. In ep 4, they showed her on the mend, and later Jun-wan visiting and probably taking her out on a date. 1,5 hours well spent every episode. Another masterpiece by PD Shin ???? drama-on-tuned Jun 08 2020 9:41 am Chae Song-hwa and kim jun wan together, KAROLINA G May 03 2020 8:03 pm Love Korean Medical Drama... @tiuyelsew: I agree it's different. How versatile and talented of an actor they are. i live in my own kdramaland Jul 23 2019 2:07 am Fighting! Loooove this drama!!! I really love their friendship, they are so protective over each other, and how they treat song hwa in this series (esp. I'm fans of Uju.... ❤❤❤, abdoo 19 May 19 2020 3:12 pm Because many things happened inside hospital. I had the same feeling with you until Ep4. Anita Aug 15 2020 9:15 am song at end of episode 8 is called 내 눈물 모아 (With All My Tears) by 서지원 (Seo Ji-Won), Practice40hrs/day Apr 30 2020 12:36 pm kdramacrazylover Jul 29 2019 6:47 am yeay Mar 27 2020 11:28 am I am waiting for the next episode my gosh. My heart just hoping for their happiness, but one of them definitely should be end up with Song-Hwa. Hope for more drama like this! light drama, chill, feel good and what amazed me most is the kind of friendship they have. my fav scene when the elders show up.. especially woojo with ik jun appa. For me, they have too much characters that have their own stories to be delivered. I Hope the Actor who played the role of the master kim will be here. I've only seen 3 episodes so far but I can't wait for more. Claire Jun 12 2020 10:09 am Good vibes! ...credits to Lee Woo Jung.... nonoagain May 14 2020 11:37 am Every minute of it so worth it.

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