If turned on, categories will be automatically sorted alphabetically. Consolidated items will be displayed with a ⊕ symbol next to the quantity. Tap on any of these recipes to switch to them. Note Once you enter edit mode, the meal type label becomes a button. In order to start a timer, simply tap on Add this recipe to the grocery list. button in the toolbar. saved with a UTF-8 encoding. Paprika Cloud Sync will automatically back up your recipes, categories, bookmarks, groceries, menus, pantry items, and meals to our Paprika's bulk recipe export format. Moves items from the grocery list into the pantry. The Recipe Manager export format. while the right pane shows the recipes themselves. Viewing timers - To view all of your timers, tap the Timers You can also filter grocery items according to the recipe they belong to, or show only custom grocery items. Select a day to see all of the meals you changes. reorder photos by tap and hold and then drag, and rename photos by tapping the Edit button and recipes listing, by tapping and holding on the recipe and then selecting Add to Grocery List. Paprika will remember You can choose between clearing all items, or only clearing purchased items. Pressing this will clear Paprika's web browser cache. You can also move individual items to the grocery list by pressing the. ), Shares the recipe name and photo on Twitter. Then select, When you've copied all the fields you would like to save, press, If text already exists in a field when you tap the button, the current selection will be, Choose a date for your meal, and then press. This shows your current grocery list. Paprika's Watch app is currently not independent You can also customize the name of the Reminders list to export to. Use the pantry to keep track of common ingredients you already have at home, such as: salt, pepper, Editing timers - To change the name or time of a timer, select the timer from the timers list. Removes all items from your grocery list. The timer countdown will appear in the lower toolbar. edit a bookmark, and add new bookmarks to the list. button. Press the Delete button to delete those meals. You can also pause, How do I import recipes from Pepperplate? Like the meal planner, you can choose between adding a recipe, or adding The Bookmarks button displays your current bookmarks. The menus section allows you to group your favorite recipes into reusable menus. On iPhone, tap recipes to Paprika, browse for recipes online, create grocery lists, make meal plans, and more. blue. desired ingredient in order to cross it off. Yes, Paprika is designed primarily as a recipe manager for your own recipes. Whether or not the recipe notes should be printed. browse to a recipe you would like to save in Safari. For answers to frequently asked questions, please consult our knowledge base. Paprika's Apple Watch companion app shows your grocery lists and items and allows you to mark items as purchased while shopping. It can also be accessed via the Cloud Sync option in the to switch between weeks. Press the + button in the upper You can also drag to Paprika makes grocery shopping easy. Our cloud sync service allows … aisle, quantity, purchase date, and expiration date, etc. Press the Copy button, and then select the date to move/copy those meals to. Privacy • Terms • Designed and developed by Hindsight Labs LLC, Manually Saving Recipes Using the Clipboard Tools. Finally, press the Paprika 3 icon to download and save the recipe into Paprika. You can choose between moving all items, or moving only purchased items. Want to access your recipes on your phone or tablet? More button to bring up the activity list, and enable the icon for Paprika 3. Using Paprika's built-in browser, you can save recipes from anywhere on the web. Press the Edit button in the lower left toolbar to enter edit mode. The export file or folder will be written to Paprika's documents directory, which can be retrieved using. If you have an earlier version of Paprika, The system text button described below. button in the lower toolbar. not mention Paprika, Siri will instead add the item to your Reminders list instead. arrange them manually. Shows the autocomplete toolbar when editing recipe ingredients and directions. help you add bold/italic text, insert links, insert recipes, and insert photos into your recipe text. Navigate to the Import Recipes screen in the settings panel. This will say. (Only enabled if you have Twitter enabled in your device Settings. as shown in directions and ingredients. individual recipes, search for recipes, and view recipes by category. Note Tap the menu button in the upper left corner of the toolbar to fully expand the side panel. For a list of changes in each version, please consult What's New on iPad. grocery list. button to show the recipe names, then swipe left across the desired recipe, and press Delete. Lists all of the recipes that have been deleted. the side panel. The total amount of time this recipe requires. The upper toolbar contains a combined address bar and search bar, and buttons for the standard browser actions: back, forward, Note Running timers will be displayed in the lower toolbar if there is enough space. After logging in, you can manage your account and sync status from the Cloud Sync settings pane. Pressing this lets you log out of your account and cancels the sync, if running. Note Ingredients you have added to your Pantry will be automatically unchecked for you. Ensure that Paprika Recipe Format is selected. Your last 5 searches are saved in a recents history and will be displayed when you tap the address bar. ), Shares the recipe name and photo on Facebook. If you would Note Photos will be uploaded to the cloud immediately but downloaded on demand by other devices (to save space). a timer: you can either swipe to delete it from the list, or tap the Edit button in the Note Paprika Cloud Sync is different than Apple's iCloud. a name. Useful for keeping track of purchased groceries and figuring out what you have on-hand. If multiple photos exist with the same name, the first will be selected. Nothing else can transfer. Give it a name and (Tap again to un-cross it.). You can use it to create daily, weekly and monthly meal plans, and view your meal schedule. When you are cooking, you may find it useful to cross off ingredients once you have used them. You can filter grocery items according to whether they are purchased or unpurchased using the Filters You can also add extra notes to the menu to record preparation Shortcut You can also swipe across an item and then tap the near the top, and the directions are displayed below. Press the Recipes button to show the recipes sidebar. The menus section of the app. To add an image, tap and hold your finger over the image. Press the Delete button. The recipes view offers two ways to view recipes: a grid view with photos, and a list view with thumbnail, name, rating and source. A checkmark will appear to indicate that the item has been Once you have the correct ingredients selected, press the Add button to add Otherwise everything prints in a single vertical column. (Only enabled if you have Facebook enabled in your device Settings. To add a meal from the planner, press the + button. You can then use the (Only enabled if your device supports AirDrop. By default the Reminders list will be named. You can mark items as purchased by tapping them once. Choose a new one from the existing recipe photos. As described above, printing is accessed via the Actions (three vertical dots) button in the recipe toolbar. text using the name. The text formatting buttons Nova is now able to pull herself up to this shelf. There are several ways to delete a recipe: Note Deleted recipes will go into the Trash and be displayed in that section of your categories list. Use the < and > buttons Navigate to the Export Recipes screen from the settings panel. Expiration Date, or In Stock. Settings panel. resume and cancel the timer from this screen, and see the remaining duration of the timer. You can choose between moving all items, moving purchased items, or moving You can also enter an optional description. the name of the photo to edit the name. This is Paprika's meal planner. Press Save when you are done. If you tap the thumbnail you will be given options to Delete the thumbnail or From there you can select a different grocery list, add a new list, Exports the currently selected meals to the Calendar. You can remove an entire recipe from the grocery list from the Filters section.

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