Then, take each piece of tomato and put the (very sharp) edge of the knife down, under the seeds and just above the skin. Also, cut the bottom tip of the stem piece off, because it's a very flavorful piece, according to Geoffrey. The standard, find-it-everywhere you look, method for how to peel tomatoes involves making an “X” in the bottom of each tomato before dunking in boiling water. If I need to peel and seed 3 or more tomatoes, the boiling method is worth the extra effort, less than three and simply peeling by cutting the skin off with a very sharp kitchen knife is a better option. Starting at the "X," begin to peel the tomato skin away from the "X". ", You have to have very ripe tomatoes and a sharp knife, he says. Read on to see how easy it is to peel tomatoes. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. "You don't want to waste anything," Geoffrey continues. Remove any stickers and wash the tomato thoroughly. Optional: Some cooks also cut out the stem end with a sharp paring knife. It takes the skin right off," the chef says. 20 of OUR faves from Oprah's Favorite Things 2020—including gold-dusted chocolate bars, adult painting kit, self-care must-haves + picks for pups & kids. There comes a time in every cook’s life when we find ourselves confronted with a pile of tomatoes and a recipe that instructs us to peel them. It seems pointless, onerous, and time-consuming, but for the sake of a silky-smooth tomato sauce or soup, we do it anyway. Use a knife to make a cut around the "equator" of the tomato. An Ingeniously "Lazy" Way To Peel a Tomato + How To Slice An Avocado Like They Do In Restaurants, Geoffrey Zakarian's Sous-Vide Tomato Soup. Carefully lower the tomato into the boiling water. Save the core, too — you can use it later for stocks, tomato juice or even to make Bloody Mary mixes. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. 2. "It does the work for you. "Be careful!". ), 20 Of OUR Favorite Gifts From Oprah's Favorite Things 2020. If the skin is stubborn, use a small sharp paring knife to remove the pieces that won't budge, being careful not to squeeze the tomato. I’m going to show you two ways to peel tomatoes. Fill a large bowl with ice water and set it aside. Home Depot's Black Friday Deals Are Here Early: Get The Scoop! Place all the tomatoes in a freezer bag and freeze until solid (tomatoes can … The Freezer Method. Your Timing Guide To Making The PERFECT Soft + Hard-Boiled Eggs, So THIS Is How Restaurants Make Those *Pretty* Avocado Slices. RELATED: Geoffrey Zakarian's Sous-Vide Tomato Soup. The best Christmas gifts for the cooks in your life, pets & pet owners, DIY gift ideas, wrapping inspiration and more. Immediately remove the tomatoes into the ice water bowl so they stop cooking. It also … Trying To Lose Weight? With a sharp knife, score each tomato on the bottom (that is, not the stem end), making an X. Watch Geoffrey demonstrate his technique for perfectly peeling a tomato in the video above. If you prefer, core the tomatoes now if you didn't in step 1 (using the same technique). We didn't think we'd be talking about a Black Friday sale before Halloween, BUT Home Depot is kicking things off early, and we had to give you a heads up. If necessary, use a small sharp knife to peel the skin. The tomatoes should still be very firm, with the skin wrinkled and coming off the flesh. 5. Peeling frozen tomatoes is so simple and easy to do, you’re going to be blown away and get mad at yourself if you’ve spent years using the boil and peel method – like me. Did You Add Too Much Salt, Sugar or Spice? Learn how to peel a tomato in just a minute! One method is for when you just need one or two without a lot of hassle, and the other is great if you need several (or tons of) peeled tomatoes. You can add several at a time. These Pumpkin Spice Muffins Are Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free! Meredith. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Boiling is the quickest and most convenient way to peel a tomato. How a Doctor Stays Healthy During Cold + Flu Season. Meredith, Credit: RELATED: Geoffrey Zakarian's Sous-Vide Tomato Soup. Taste of Home. 7. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. We rounded up 66 of the best Christmas gifts any cook, griller—or food & wine lover!—could ask for, with picks from our editors, show staff & Rach! Q: "I love making salsa, but peeling tomatoes is always so tedious. Removing the peel gives sauces a smoother texture and a sweeter taste. The skin lifts easily from the vegetable—erm, fruit—and the partial cooking helps preserve the tomato’s fresh flavor and plump texture. ", A: "The problem with peeling tomatoes is that you're always going to chop them," Chef Geoffrey Zakarian says. Let the tomatoes sit in the ice bath for 5 minutes or until you see the peels shrivel … Peeling tomatoes is a basic kitchen skill we should all have. Blanch the tomatoes for 30 to 60 seconds, or until the skin begins to loosen and peel off at the X slit. Here are three ways to get the job done without driving yourself crazy. 67 Christmas Gifts For Cooks — Or People Who Just Love Food & Wine. Yes, each and every tomato. Once the tomatoes have chilled, remove them from the ice water. When the tomatoes are completely cool, remove them from ice water and pat dry. Perfect for sauces, salads and salsas. Roll the tomato away from the skin as you carefully peel it using your knife. Let the tomatoes sit in the ice bath for 5 minutes or until you see the peels shrivel and start to peel off. "I'm kind of a lazy chef — I want to do something once — so I have a method. Whether you’re doing a canning marathon or just making dinner, knowing how to peel a tomato will eventually come in handy. 5 ways to prepare for cold and flu season—what to do so you stay healthy this fall + winter, according to Dr. Ian Smith.

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