Great Post. I love the idea of detaching yourself from your emotions and seeing them as another “you” to understand. We constantly keep worrying about the things that may or may not happen. It’s also unhelpful, not to mention a wasteful use of precious time to spend time going over and over things that actually, you cannot change. Ideally, if you can, then do something a bit more energetic that raises your heart rate a little. The answer to it will be enough for you to let go of your negative thoughts. Deffo going to give that one a go! Affiliate links means that sometimes if you click through to a website and register or purchase something, we get a commission from that sale at no extra cost to you. Work in practice!! A couple of pointers for identifying the action you can take. Involve yourself in the activities that make you happy. as excessive thinking about details and losing focus on the big picture. Want to learn more about mindfulness and meditation? I’m going to try meditating and writing it down. (My personal favourite is going back over things I’ve said that, The definition of overthinking is to think too much about something in a way that is more unhelpful than helpful. So what are you waiting for? I’ll keep it in mind and keep the videos you shared. I definitely recommend trying meditation. But if you’re thinking that you’ll just remember to stop overthinking during your normal day then you’re likely just fooling yourself. You will feel much calmer, Music is something that will ease your muscles to relax and can switch your mood in no time. Not only this, but it will also activate areas of your brain that are responsible for mental focus thereby improve your efficiency Is your mind constantly running behind some thoughts? For example a paper clip or a coin. Exercise or workout can work as a reboot button for your mind. Glad you liked the videos . This will help you to relax your mind and body with chances of no bad thought. How To Find Motivation For Achieving Goals. The question is, does your story empower you or hold you back?”. Your blog is just awesome. The thing that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to think about the past and the future. The daft thing is that the other person probably doesn’t even remember what you said! Just for that moment forget and live it to your fullest. Thank you, would love to hear how you get on! Use a mantra to take attention away from your thoughts. If we ask ourself is it worth to drain our energy about the things that you have no control over. This site is not intended to provide and does not constitute health, medical, financial, legal or other professional advice. Have a mindful day! It’s a great way to control your emotions and overcome negative thoughts. It is a proven fact that 30 minutes of exercise will increase your endorphins hormones that will make you happier and makes you a lot more productive and efficient in the present. This is a great post! Such a weird time in life and I sometimes don’t know what to do with the mental racing and energy. Here are 7 little known tricks I use which can really help! I guarantee you will feel better. It’s when this type of thinking becomes obsessive and stops us from taking action that it can become an issue. Manage your story. This can help you feel more in control of the situation. Tony says, “We are all telling ourselves stories. It is us who makes things complicated. This is one of the ignorant factors to keep a positive mindset. When your mind is occupied by thoughts and you need someone to talk and listen to you, start writing it down. I appreciated the vids you added here. And stop overthinking about anything and everything, Just live in the present, be grateful, appreciate for the things you have now, be a little more kinds towards yourself – will it be difficult for us to overcome? Distract yourself into the happiness around you. You will get a clear picture of imagination. There are some great ideas I will try to follow in the future. I overthink EVERYTHING!! Thanks for stopping by Sharon, glad you enjoyed, thanks for the pin . (I find it helps me get to sleep at night too as a useful side effect!!). Some signs and symptoms that you may be overthinking include: If you are experiencing any, or all, of these, don’t worry, I have some powerful ideas for you to try in order to stop overthinking and relax. Are you an over-thinker who can't stop overthinking about everything? And yet we still do it to ourselves…Glad I could provide a timely reminder . This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Are you an over-thinker who can’t stop overthinking about everything? Be kind to yourself x. Thanks Sonia, so glad you found the resources helpful . We can overcome this together. Take Time To STOP – So many people go through their day without stopping and taking a moment to stop, relax or rest. I’d love to hear if you have tried any of the ideas I have covered and also any other successful methods you have to stop overthinking. I believe there are many people who could be helped by this. If one thing doesn’t work, you may well find that something else does. ( This thing often leads to anxiety). I have also followed you on Twitter. So let’s just start with all the thought you think about. It … Don’t try to block out what they are saying. Be kind to yourself! Overthinking at night can keep us awake and stop us from getting the complete sleep cycles we need to feel refreshed and energised for the day ahead. This fight or flight reaction leaves us with pent-up energy which has to go somewhere. Writing things out really does help me though, get it out of my mind and move on. For example, painting, reading, knitting, crafting – whatever takes your fancy. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, Is this thing going to bother you a few years later from now or will it change anything for you. You know it, but you just can’t help. Overthinking can lead to anxiety and puts us in a ‘fight or flight’ mode. The stories ... 2. Take control of your emotions. I find it also helps to write down some positives alongside the bits that are worrying me. Why are we worrying about the future when we don’t know about the things that will happen to us in the next few hours.

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