The Athlon would be produced for the next six years in speeds ranging from 500 MHz up to 2.33 GHz. Intel Pentium B970 . Intel Core i7-8569U vs Intel Pentium B970: 24. 650 MHz. Much higher GPU clock speed. Level up your enjoyment with more seamless action and snappier gameplay experiences. Intel Pentium B970 vs Intel Core i7-4700EQ: 25. Intel is first to deliver an over the air Gigabit Wi-Fi solution for the PC. Much better 3DMark06 CPU score. 36.9. Intel Pentium B970 vs Intel Xeon E5-2643 v3: 22. Reasons to buy the Intel Pentium B970. 1999: The Intel Pentium III 550 MHz was released on May 17, 1999. Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Extreme Edition supporting HT Technology 3.73 GHz 3.80 GHz (570) Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor supporting HT Technology 660, 650, 640, and 630 3.60 GHz (660) 3.40 GHz (650) 3.20 GHz (640) 3 GHz (630) Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 600 3 - 3.8 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 630-660 3 - 3.6 GHz January 19, 2005 Intel is making the Pentium B970 on a 32 nm production node using 504 million transistors. In their form as of November 2011, Pentium processors are considered entry-level products that Intel rates as "two stars", meaning that they are above the low-end Atom and Celeron series, but below the faster Intel Core lineup, and workstation Xeon series. AMD E-300 vs Intel Pentium B970: 19. 2.3 GHz. Significantly higher clock speed. The Intel Pentium III 500 MHz was released on February 26, 1999. This means that the Xbox CPU's L2 cache is more efficient than Celeron's. Pentium B970 has 2MB of L3 cache and operates at 2.3 GHz. We put the 2.3 GHz Intel B970 to the test against the 1.1 GHz N3450 to find out which ... older Released January, 2012. The Intel Pentium B970 is a mobile processor with 2 cores, launched in January 2012. Intel Core i7-8700 vs Intel Pentium B970: 21. Gigabit Wi-Fi. 2.3 GHz; Dual core; Reasons to buy the Intel Pentium B970. The Intel® Pentium® processor features upgraded graphics and computing performance to juice up your casual gaming life. It is part of the Pentium lineup, using the Sandy Bridge architecture with Socket G2 (988B). Intel Pentium B970 vs AMD Athlon 300U: 20. The Pentium emerged in 1993 as the first Intel x86 processor that didn't follow the 80x86 number system. 1999: AMD introduced the Athlon processor series on June 23, 1999. Pentium is a brand used for a series of x86 architecture-compatible microprocessors produced by Intel since 1993. Intel Pentium B970 vs Intel Core m3-7Y30: 23. Unlike the Celeron Coppermine variant with the same size L2 cache, but reduced 4-way L2 cache associativity, Xbox's Coppermine core kept all of its 8-way L2 cache associativity from the Pentium III. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news! Significantly higher clock speed.

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