I grew up on the orange stuff, but I find them fairly similar and like them both about the same. It is also tangy. I eventually gave up trying new salad dressing recipes and went back to the junk in the bottle. Apr 18, 2019 - Trying to figure out if I would like them--without having to purchase whole bottle. Traditional French dressing is generally a pale orange and creamy, while Catalina French — also called California French, as it’s named after the Catalina Islands of California — is a bright red and somewhat less creamy. When I became raw, I tried a bunch of salad dressings, but didn’t like any of them. French dressing is light orange, but Catalina is usually reddish-orange. French dressing has a sweeter taste than French dressing. They were either too oily or too spicy…or just too different. I had been raised drowning my lettuce in french dressing or catalina dressing—not oily at at, but sweet.

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