Complications of phlebitis, infiltration, occlusion, accidental removal, local infection, and IV‐related blood stream infection causing unplanned device removal were analyzed. Infiltration occurs when I.V. Signs and symptoms. Phlebitis simply means the inflammation of the vein, usually in the legs. IV Fluids Infiltration. Infiltration can be caused by improper placement or dislodgment of the catheter. Infiltration, on the other hand, simply means the leakage of intravenous fluid to the surrounding tissues. Swelling, discomfort, burning, and/or tightness Phlebitis is of three types; they are; chemical phlebitis, bacterial phlebitis, and mechanical phlebitis. As nouns the difference between infiltration and phlebitis is that infiltration is the act or process of infiltrating, as of water into a porous substance, or of a fluid into the cells of an organ or part of the body while phlebitis is (pathology) inflammation of a vein, usually in the legs. fluid or medications leak into the surrounding tissue. Patient movement can cause the catheter to slip out or through the blood vessel lumen. Visual Infusion Phlebitis (VIP) Scale Score Observation 0 IV site appears healthy 1 One of the following is evident: • Slight pain near IV site • Slight redness near IV site 2 Two of the following are evident: • Pain at IV site • Erythema • Swelling 3 All of the follwoing signs are evident: • …

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