Empirically speaking, I’ve seen it work (same for honey in curing coughs). Sun Transit from Libra to Scorpio benefits these zodiac signs. And speaking of honey, there seems to be some indication that Chestnut honey has certain pollen extracts that aid in shrinking of enlarged prostates. I have also seen Palmyra Jaggery listed as having a lower GI than both sugar and honey. Now, let’s say, you substitute all your sugar intake with jaggery. For example, if a person would usually stir in a spoonful of sugar in a cup of tea or coffee, someone not used to the taste of jaggery would end up adding more than required. [New!] They are not. Sugary foods have very high GI. Honey, is a larger proportion of fructose. Check now! Please Click Here to subscribe other newsletters that may interest you, and you'll always find stories you want to read in your inbox. 20 minute hardcore dumbbell shred & shape, [Gym] Leg Training (voice-over with tips), Boeing’s 737 Max saga wasn’t just about faulty software, We have sent you a verification email. Required fields are marked *. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. Hence, this declaration upfront. Lemon and honey for weight loss and it is also great for detoxifying the body, which is why many like to drink lemonade. So let’s examine each of the three, on both these planks. As these two are made of palm sap, it stands to reason, that these palm trees being very tall, thus would have correspondingly long roots, which could extract more minerals etc, than the much shorter roots of sugarcane. I always wondered what brown sugar actually is. That’s not a good or a bad thing. Thanks for sharing. Basically, if limiting calorie intake is your goal, then (this will hurt), there is no difference between the three. Hey, very nice blog. Thus, for a well-toned body, include this medicinal sweetener to your diet plan. We explain to you the pros and cons of both these additives for weight loss. Jaggery is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, vitamins B1, B6 and C. Plus, it is loaded with good fibre amount, which removes toxins and helps clean your digestive system easy. It’s better for weight-loss. If you extract the sugar out of it though, then it has (surprise-surprise), the same calorie-density as sugar. Eat too much sugar, too often, and blood-sugar spikes abnormally all day. By now you’d be seeing a common thread. High fibre food has very low GI. For now, here’s the updated verdict. The only real way honey gains an advantage over sugar or jaggery is because of the other added benefits. But first, let’s understand what is Jaggery? Some also have it post meals to aid digestion. Not to mention, having grown up in a middle-class North-Indian household, I’ve seen, first-hand, ‘gur’ used in various forms to cure various ailments. I know, right now you’re looking for some hope that morality isn’t totally lost in the health-marketing world. also, I would like to add that- There is no food which is good or bad. It’s similar to how the Mediterranean folks would swear by Dates. ", Weight loss story: "I lost 13 kilos by following Intermittent Fasting. Here is how I lost it and became a bodybuilder", Want to lose weight quickly? But if you’re going to have Sugar, replacing it with jaggery or dates would be my go-to option. That’s diabetes. Which is just a fancy way of saying that unlike refined sugar, jaggery isn’t spun while processing to separate the molasses. If your goal is weight-loss, then net calorie intake is the only metric for you to track. The parameters of comparison remain the same. Even when it comes to GI, jaggery isn’t any better than sugar. You see you can’t do this along with a stressful job. Since it is known as an immunity booster and illness fighter, it also works to supply essential trace minerals, amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants for your body. Happy to see jaggery winning. Jaggery is used in a lot of traditional Indian desserts and of late, health-conscious people have started to opt for jaggery powders instead of white sugar. Just because you are swapping sugar for jaggery in your cup of chai, or adding honey in your desserts doesn't make it the safest bet. But dates deserve a whole different post. I…, aka How NOT to Lose Fat Some of us, it seems, have a death wish. If you really want to cut down on sugar, try by lowering your intake, gradually. While sugar is made up of glucose and fructose (50-50 ratio), honey is also made up of sugar but contains only 30% glucose and a little less than 40% fructose. Sorry to burst your bubble, but both brown sugar and white sugar have almost the same calorie density. It’s also claimed to solve many everyday-ailments like: activating digestion, fighting cold (taken with black pepper), reducing flatulence (which is why it’s used as a quick desert after meals in many Indian households), curing mild headaches…the list goes on. Your email address will not be published. Simple. ‘Can you please deposit another gazillion dollars into my bank account please’, the marketeer said.

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