Kadanoff’s variational RG scheme introduces coarse … Downloadable (with restrictions)! 10/14/2014 ∙ by Pankaj Mehta, et al. His contributions had an enormous impact. Real Space Migdal–Kadanoff Renormalisation of Glassy Systems: Recent Results and a Critical Assessment ... that the spin-glass transition in a field and the glass transition are governed by zero-temperature fixed points of the renormalization group … Abstract. The approximation is applied to cells of … In the early 1970's Wilson showed how Kadanoff's rescaling could be explicitly carried out near the fixed point of a flow in Hamiltonian space. Deep learning is a broad set of techniques that uses … For certain values of the variational parameter p the renormalization group … The XY model in d dimensions is studied by means of a variational real space renormalization group transformation. An exact mapping between the Variational Renormalization Group and Deep Learning. ∙ 0 ∙ share . The lower-bound variational approximation to the renormalization group transformation (LBV ARG) developed by Kadanoff is applied to the triangular Ising lattice. In this paper we apply the Migdal-Kadanoff … proximate method is a class of variational “real-space” renormalization schemes introduced by Kadanoff for per-forming RG on spin systems [14, 16, 17]. The Migdal-Kadanoff real-space renormalization schemes are studied on the dual lattice for spin and gauge theories with Z(N) symmetry. The position-space methods used so far for the semi- infinite Ising model include cell cluster expansions [8, 9, 11], cumulant expansions [9, 12], and Kadanoffs variational method [10]. Contrary to an earlier computation in the same framework for the d = 2 case, we find that a low order operator basis truncation is highly unstable. He made the first practical renormalization-group calculation of … This holds in particular for critical phenomena, where he explained Widom’s homogeneity laws by means of block-spin transformations and laid the basis for Wilson’s renormalization group … Leo Kadanoff has worked in many fields of statistical mechanics. A variational extension of the Migdal-Kadanoff real space renormalization group method is applied to a recently proposed d-dimensional lattice model describing some aspects of molecular orientation in …

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