Range of application The VOSS quick connect system 241 is designed for diesel fuel and gasoline applications. screwed fittings, a compact and very cost effective system SV 246 was created (Fig. : +48 515 312750 fluid.pl@voss.net VOSS Automotive Ltda. ABOUT US. Alvares Cabral, 1087 CEP 09980-160 … The VOSS quick connect system 246 is used primarily as connecting element be-tween fuel line and fuel com-ponent as well as inline connector. 4). The connection fittings are made of brass, die-cast alumi­ nium, die-cast zinc or aluminium, depending on the version involved. We are a professional total solutions provider of automotive fluid transfer products in China. 2: Elbow coupling and male connector, before assembly (top) and in use (bottom) tions are intended for qualified workers of fuel systems in automotive engineering. The VOSS plug connection system . Merely a wrench (for wrench sizes, refer to . plug male nut retaining clip spring element plug male nut with 1st and 2 nd snap in clip Quick connect system 230 Quick connect system 232 Dirt protection O-ring sealing O-ring Fig. VOSS plug connection system 230 . Range of application The VOSS quick connect sy-stem 246 is designed for a temperature range of -40°C to + 100°C. It permits safe and rapid assembly. TECHNICIAL INFORMATION. 90 degree elbow VOSS Fuel Line Quick Release Connect Fittings. 1. As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic coupling technology and a system supplier of ready-to-install hydraulic lines, here at VOSS Fluid we don't just have an eye on each individual component - we also always see the entire system. VOSS Fluid GmbH sales organisation Germany VOSS Fluid GmbH P.O. Box 15 40 51679 Wipperfürth Lüdenscheider Straße 52–54 51688 Wipperfürth Phone: +49 2267 63-0 Fax: +49 2267 63-5621 +49 2267 63-5622 +49 2267 63-5623 fluid@voss.net www.voss-fluid.net Brazil Poland Tel. 3: VOSS quick connectors for compressed air application Av. material: PA. temperature: -40℃+100℃ pressure:5bar. Our broad product portfolio includes diverse connection components, tube connection systems, hose fittings, pre-assembly devices as well as various other resources. Subject to operating VOSS quick connect system 241 is consisting of: Fig. 230 . 3. permits the rapid joining of nylon tubes. is needed to undo the connection. application: commercial vehicles; passenger cars; off-road. SPECIFICATION.

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