Leave a Comment » Finally… March 12, 2010. If you have any problems with writing, feel free to ask our writers for help! April 18, 2010. "Were they glowing? " Like me in so many ways, Jan had just as much of a wild Spirit as I did. the only thing I have left to remember him bye, is the one stone that I picked up that night and placed in my pocket. Minutes lengthened to hours, but in our anxiety to preseve our lives,we hardly noticed the coming of the day.Then ,all of a sudden,we found ourselves surrounded by half-nacked natives with spears in their hands.Surprise and terrified,we remaind speechless for some time. As I stood there mesmerised, Jan made his decision of collecting as many stones as he could into his pockets, who wouldn't want these rare gems? Amelia took my hand and headed to the forest. Nothing!" Watch Queue Queue And that ringing noise that it uses, put children to sleep. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the creepypasta community. Watch Queue Queue Soon after our arrival in Borneo, we MADE all the preparations and began our journey to the forest early one morning. My adventures in the forest. It was all over the news, "10 year old Jan elrich was found last night ending the search party, unfortunately all they found of him was his skeletal remains, but what autopsy reports can't shake, is the fact that Elric was found with holes in his bones as if an acidic substance was poured on to him. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I've never seen my grandmother act this way, she was almost always sweet, with a soft tone. Talk about an adventure in a forest A few months ago some of my classmates and I made a trip to Borneo with our Geography teacher to seek adventure in the forests of Borneo. My grandma interrupted with a worried look. I grew up in a small town in West Germany and I only had one friend, Jan. We rapidly moved our attention to the new sound, and saw nothing, at least, not right away. just so long as we were near the house, we knew we would be just fine. This video is unavailable. man that was very exciting. I knew this wasn’t a good idea. Press J to jump to the feed. Home; About; Video time! she asked, "y-yes, they were" I replied. by Jacir (age 5) | Partner Organization: GVI Quepos. I could only assume it was growling at us, but instead of something you'd hear from any normal animal, the sound was more like a noise you'd hear if a person were choking on their own vomit. my adventure in the forest ( first Creepypasta, please be gentle) When I was 9 years old, I used to be so adventurous. I figured that he was the only friend I ever needed. My Forest Adventure Learning Pack. Soon after our arrival in Borneo, we made all the preparations and began our journey to the forest early one morning. The Creepypasta Subreddit | For fans of the genre to post original works, discussions, and more. Police are still investigating and have found no suspects tied to this mystery.". As it was already late in the … Night soon fell on this place and we lighted our oil lamp. One thing I don't think I will ever get out of my head about that creature, was the noise it made. The nightmare seemed to go on for days, but as I awoke, I guess it was only a few hours. Home; About; Video time! Today is my first day in my new house in the forest. Posted by aliceingabon. Years later she did some research and found a certain myth about a spirit of the forest who was very protective of those blue stones, but it not only protected the stones, it also used them as bait. She never was one to shelter a child, so she never had an issue with letting me Venture into the forest with Jan, so long as we were back before dark. April 18, 2010. Then, another noise entered the forest. 3 Comments » Before leaving… October 1, 2009. And thank you. ;but soon, creatures that love the night world became active.The forest was now full of frightful noise.Breaking thought this noise,came another noise,more frightening,the noise of native drums.And as the minutes sliped by,it seemed to become nearer and nearer. My parents decided that it was a great idea to move our perfectly fantastic lives in the city to a deserted place on the forest with no mobile signal or Wi-Fi! And then she hung up the phone, it was that brief. She was very hesitant, but I finally got my answer. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Add to … We strolled around the forest again but little did we know we … So I was left under the care of my grandmother. one weekend, we decided to make our trip Into the woods and try to explore an area we were unfamiliar with. It wasn't till years later that I brought up the courage to ask my grandmother what happened that night and why she handled the situation the way she did. My adventures in the forest. Afterr miles of travel trough the forest ,we arrived at an open space.Ad it was already late in the evening,we decided to erect our tent and spend the night there. They think that we all “need a break from the city” which we absolutely do not! Posted by aliceingabon. again, it didn't seem to have any eyes, but for some reason I could feel it staring at us. So we were left to do practically whatever we wanted, so long as we weren't getting in trouble ourselves. Posted by aliceingabon . Me and Jan we're Inseparable anyways, so I would never think to go on an adventure without him. Then, one of them,presumably their leader,uttered a word.He seems eager to talk ,but there was no language in which we could understand each other. This is outrageous! my greatest adventure I was never a very adventurous person but the one trip that changed my perception about the adventure is the trip that I took with family down the River Amazon in a boat. Soon after our arrival in Borneo, we MADE all the preparations and began our journey to the forest early one morning. Just like a pirate, I’ve drawn a huge red X on a map to make sure I’ll be able to find the way to my treasure: Gabon. She said in a convincingly panicked voice, " my grandson fell out of a tree and fell unconscious, and Jan was gone when he woke up!" I stuck to my grandma's story exactly like she asked me to. The fact that jan was missing hadn't crossed my mind. I was so blind sided by the whole situation that all I could do was agree.There was a search party that tried looking for him for 2 weeks Non-Stop. Koen joined the WWF Jengi TRIDOM biomonitoring team to observe wildlife dynamics in one of the biggest forest clearings in the … My adventure in the forest. Practical reasons were enough for me to obey her rules, and I had no problem with that. This Song Made Possible By: Once upon a time there were many penguins, tigers and lions living in the forest where I was living. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This video is unavailable. I was the first to take a step back, slowly pulling Jan back with me, when I noticed a small, but noticeable, hole open up on the top of the creatures head. given that my backyard had so many acres of forest behind it, it was like a dream come true for my inner Explorer. And at the end of the two weeks he was found. Very nice thanks I had a essay I wrote this down. Where's jan? I am a teenager and I NEED my wifi. I could only nod my head in agreement and say nothing more. Dusk was rapidly approaching, so I looked to Jan to let him know that it was time to turn back. Lost in the forest we were, we roamed around worrying. A few months ago some of my class mates and I made a trip to Borneo with aour Geography teacher to seek adventure in the forests of Borneo. One of the few places on … come summer it was a field day for all kids. She walked over to the phone and began to dial Jan's parents, the way she acted next baffled me, as I stared in disbelief she started slowing her breath trying to compose herself, and when his parents answered the phone, it's like she went back to my caring grandmother again.

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