The way in which transport changes in future will have a big impact on the tourism industry - in South Africa and the world, according to Gillian Saunders, deputy CEO and head of advisory at Grant Thornton Johannesburg. Hijacking of planes is easily possible. Research shows that about 17 out of 100 people in the Americas travel outside their countries, compared to more than 50 out of 100 in Europe. Negative Environmental Effects of Tourism. The ATTA® Charter for Sustainable Tourism, Rare Antelope Making a Comeback in Garissa Sanctuary, Rwanda showcases attractions at China tourism exhibition, Air Tanzania plans regional flights to Kenya, rest of EAC, AviaDev- driving tourism development through increased air connectivity, Application for Membership - Ndutu Safari Lodge, FCO Travel Advice: South Africa - 17 Apr 2018. We probably won’t stop traveling by air tomorrow or any time soon. Unfortunately, air travel is one of the more environmentally damaging activities we can undertake. She believes the ministry of sport could do more in conjunction with the tourism industry to create opportunities in sport tourism. Many parts of the world rely on air travel for income from tourism for economic development. In the UK, 93% of people fly less than once a year domestically, and 54% of people took no international flights. The Sydney-Melbourne flight route is the second-busiest in the world. Flight levies to make air travel more equitable. "So, there is still lots more opportunity for expansion in the tourism industry, but it needs an adequate business environment and infrastructure," said Saunders. The figure for Europe is expected to increase to more than 80 per 100. New areas of land need to be cleared for new hotels and roads. 2. While we should applaud airlines that look for alternatives to fossil fuel, biofuels are also controversial. Globally, the aviation industry is responsible for roughly 2% of carbon dioxide emissions, but that is rising quickly as more people fly more often. Sydney to Melbourne is the world’s second-busiest air route, with 54,519 flights a year. +47 45663204, This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. She said it is a pity that South Africa lost out on hosting the Commonwealth Games and the Rugby World Cup. Some researchers argue that offsets can actually do more harm than good, by giving us the impression that the air travel industry can be environmentally justified in its current form. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY . All the surrounding infrastructure – terminals, runways, ground transportation, maintenance facilities and shopping centres – uses significant amounts of land, water, energy and other resources. INTRODUCTION . THE IMPACT OF TRANSPORTATION IN THE TOURISM INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF YOUNG SHALL GROW MOTORS) CHAPTER ONE. We all are aware of the fact that emissions from aut… So think about how necessary your air travel is, whether there are more local alternatives to far-flung destinations, or whether you can use digital technologies instead of hopping on a plane. Read more:Travelling these holidays? One can create a signature event in your area and then build it up over time.". A more novel way to reduce air travel emissions is to skip the flight completely and travel to your destination in virtual reality. Carbon offsets – where we pay to have the carbon dioxide emissions from flying sequestered in another form, usually through tree planting – are one of the more controversial measures we can take to reduce the impact from flying. It connects people, countries and cultures; provides access to global markets and generates trade and tourism. A company limited by guarantee, registered in UK, number 4087771. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. There are moves towards making airports greener through an international carbon accreditation scheme, but resource use is still significant. PODBIKE – The Electric Bicycle Designed for the Nordic Climate, Travelling these holidays? This site uses cookies. The campaign A Free Ride is proposing a flight levy that rises as a person takes more and more flights in a year. A small mistake can be very dangerous for passengers. Aircraft burn finite fossil fuels, emit greenhouse gases and leave contrails (water vapour) in the atmosphere at high altitude, making them particularly harmful to the climate. Search for flights on a website that allows you to check what type of aircraft you will be flying on, and that estimate CO2 emissions for the flight. Bank account 1503.89.09506 ATTA® is the registered Trade Mark of The African Travel and Tourism Association Its operational costs are too high. You have to wrap it in content.". People travel for various reasons ranging fromcommerce, education, pleasure, relaxation, exploration, events and even for the fun of it. This obviously won’t help if you plan to go hiking or visiting family and friends, but if you just want to see the sights of a particular place then VR is clearly a more sustainable option than flying. Middle class and poor people can not affect its cash. Air transport is an innovative industry that drives economic and social progress. Lars Hilles Gate 30, 5008 Bergen. "Without a return to steady global economic growth there will likely not be as much tourism growth as expected globally," said Saunders. While nearly all commercial planes still use kerosene-based fuels, some are experimenting with biofuels. All rights reserved - Made by Mainlink AS         | Privacy Policy | Terms | Editorial Standard |, Bergensia - The Sustainable Gazette pushes and inspires people in organizations to innovate and realign their strategy and purpose towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Air travel isn’t just about the planes. Tourists do not want to be isolated in a resort. Transport changes to impact tourism industry The way in which transport changes in future will have a big impact on the tourism industry - in South Africa and the world, according to Gillian Saunders, deputy CEO and head of advisory at Grant Thornton Johannesburg. 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