0 0. Occasional or Periods = 80% 90% near 100% . The meaning of the words isolated, scattered and widespread is a common source of confusion in weather forecasting. Lv 7. al thunderstorms. How to use thunder in a sentence. And golf on Saturdays and the occasional game of squash. The specific guidelines (tornado, hail ,wind, etc.) Let's clear the air. It is usually about violent cleansing or archetypes of thunder and lightening Gods showing up. 0 0. What does it mean when I hear the outdoor warning sirens? tantrum definition: 1. a sudden period of uncontrolled anger like a young child's: 2. a sudden period of uncontrolled…. It means simply that a thunderstorm is possible, but not certain. In a dream - or in real life as synchronicity? 8 years ago. Thunder definition is - the sound that follows a flash of lightning and is caused by sudden expansion of the air in the path of the electrical discharge. Turkish pronunciation ıkeyjınıl thʌndırstôrmz. Anonymous. thunderstorms in Chinese : 雷暴雨…. 1. And, now and then, an occasional word or look from Joda showed the beginnings of a healthy respect. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. NoPlate. In other words that just means there might be thunderstorms but it's not likely. An occasional prismatic oil slick drifted by, faintly aglow in the passing light. In short, it means that something life-threatening is happening and you should go indoors and get more information. a. active thunderstorms b. severe squall lines c. tropical cyclone(s) d. from 10,000 feet MSL to flight level 250, clouds associated with a) through c) above e. above flight level 250, cumulonimbus cloud associated with a) to c) above f. moderate or severe turbulence (in cloud or clear air) g. moderate or severe icing h. It could happen, or it might not. Learn more.

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