By Angie Gambone. If the parties are unable to agree on a parenting agreement, either parent may petition the court for child visitation or custody help. ; Joint physical custody: This form of child custody is also called "shared custody," "shared parenting," or "dual residence. REV. If your children reside in a different state and you want to initiate or enforce your visitation rights, the first thing you need to know is where to file your case. Be aware that a non-parent custody petition may result in the legal finding that you are an unfit parent for your child, which can negatively affect your future family law actions. Visitation and Custody Rights of Unmarried Fathers: Court Orders. Can parents be granted visitation rights after termination of parental rights or adoption in Hawaii? Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images. § 571-46HAw. How to Petition a Court in a Different State for Child Visitation Rights. Aside from filing a petition for rightful custody of a minor child, the person having the right to custody may resort to another way, and that is by filing a petition for habeas corpus. The visitation rights of unmarried fathers often depend on their relationship with the child, any history of child abuse, drug and alcohol use, and other such factors. REV. STAT. Absent a history of neglect or abuse, the court wants and expects parents to cooperate where their children are concerned. A non-parent custody petition is a request by a non-parent, often a very close family member, to gain custody of a child. Section(s): HAW. hello, just want to know if anybody here from the Philippines filed a sole custody for their child. This is the case with both biological parents and previous guardians. In the state of Hawaii it may not be possible to be granted visitation rights after losing parental rights or giving up a child for adoption. | State Law Official Text. In most states, it is written into the law that the court considers it to be in the best interest of the children that the custodial parent facilitate visitation with the non-custodial parent. Know your rights. Sole physical custody: With sole physical custody, the child physically resides at one location.In most cases, the non-custodial parent is awarded visitation rights, including sleepovers. Non-Parent Custody Petition. You should consult an attorney before pursuing this option. Petition For Enforcement Of Order Of Custody Visitation: DIY Form (Do-It-Yourself) GF-41a: Order On Petition For Enforcement Of Order Of Custody visitation: GF-42: Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Order: For Interstate Custody & Visitation forms, see Uniform Child Custody & Jurisdiction Act (UCCJEA) forms.

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