A Practical Philosophy Reading List Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Perhaps if you gave me a reading list, I could get a good philosophy going." What Is Reality? Know What It Is Or Suffer From Irreality, The Meaning Of Life, Life's Purpose - The Why And Wherefore Of Life, *The Story Of Our Happy And Our Unhappy Chemicals - A Tale Of The Mechanisms For Survival, - Whatever Happens Happens For A Valid Human Reason. Bear in mind that when you are reading philosophy what you are actually doing is trying to understand a piece of writing. 1–2, 67–75, 110, Hymns 2. Letters from a Stoic by Seneca. What Are Its Benefits? That is evidence that the reading order … The-Philosophy helps high-school & university students but also curious people on human sciences to quench their thirst for knowledge. Defining what makes humans happy:  Checklist Of Happiness (And. Texts likely to be in use for first year coursework are marked with a (T). reading at least one article per day. The list is obviously not definitive and opinions as to how reliable some of the texts mentioned are will surely vary. The Sunday Philosophy Club is a series of novels by the author Alexander McCall Smith.It is also the name of the first novel in the series, and an informal talking group founded by the main character Isabel Dalhousie.The series is set in Edinburgh.. Meditation is perhaps the only document of its kind ever made. The most important things are, in my opinion, reading them regardless of order - just getting them read; and reading the annotations and footnotes, since Nietzsche relies a lot on language play, allegory, philosophical references, and anecdotes that can often be lost in translation (and even not in translation) since his original field was Classical Philology. Oxford. Responsibility - What Is It? Callimachus: Aitia fr. How Do I Create More Of It? This Is What You're Given In Life. This is remarkably different from other forms of reading, like — say — going through a newspaper page to collect information or reading a novel to enjoy a good story. A guide for those that are interested in philosophy, but are having trouble knowing where to start. That said, it is suggested that readers read the books in the order presented if they'd like to follow along and understand subsequent books/philosophers. St. Thomas Aquinas, considered one of the greatest commentators on Aristotle, describes in his Sententia Ethic., lib. But some people love it. - Accept Them And Save A Huge Amount Of Energy! The title of the first book and of the series was suggested by McCall Smith's editor. I hate the Crito. Penguin. A J Ayer Language, Truth, and Logic. I think I would have quit philosophy altogether if I had started with the Crito. J L Ackrill, Aristotle the Philosopher. Will You Accept The Whole Deal? Demosthenes: Olynthiacs 1, On the Crown 199–end, Philippics 1. The site thus covers the main philosophical traditions, from the Presocratic to the contemporary philosophers, while trying to bring a philosophical reading to the cultural field in general, such as cinema, literature, politics or music. Tim Robberts / Getty Images. Simon Blackburn Being Good. George Berkeley Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous (many editions) Simon Blackburn Think. which subjects and in what order boys must learn: [T]he proper order of learning is that boys. first be instructed in things pertaining to logic because logic teaches the method of the whole of philosophy. Personally, the best reading order is the one that you're interested in. Diogenes Laertius: X 1–83, 117–154. This is like when I see people starting Plato with the Crito. Opus. First of all, a bit of context. 6 l. 7 n. 17 [1211.] The Mountain I Have Versus What I Am Missing - An Essential, Essential Life, The Role Of Expectations In Life And In Relationships, Life Is a Friggin', Incredible, Huge Miracle - Not just 'OK' Or 'Good', The Core Of Your Life - Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not Matter, Threats To Toss Out Forever - There Is Virtually Nothing To Worry About, Values - The Contents We Work With To Create A Great Life (A Life Beyond What Most People Believe Is Possible), The Only Path To The Greatest Life - Using "The Process", Should - A Killing Philosophical Viewpoint. Aristophanes: Acharnians, Birds, Clouds, Frogs. Seneca, like Marcus, was also a powerful man in Rome. Aristotle: Categories 1–5; Physics I, II; Metaphysics A, L; Nicomachean Ethics I–III.5; Poetics. Nietzsche: The Man and his Philosophy 2nd Edition Hollingdale's biography remains the single best account of the life and works for the student or nonspecialist.

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