I happen to own a couple other PRS guitars that cost twice what this one cost,and i wasn't sure what to expect.I have to say I'm very pleased with this S2,may not have the high dollar wood and high dollar finish,but everything on this guitar is still top notch.Anyone would be very happy with this model of PRS.In this price range,you won't find anything better,it plays and feels like it cost a lot more.The finish is gorgeous also. And That feel!!!!!!!! 8 of 8 people (100%) people found this review helpful. It works really well with all my effects. The 57 Classic pickups provide fantastic tone. A regular CU24 will simply have small design and component differences. To start, i have owned and played a few guitars over the years in this price range, below it and just a hair above it; and compare them all to eachother all the time. So, PRS’ trademark is thick, short scale and mahogany rock & roll tone, with a little mud pulled out from the extra .25” on the scale length, and a bit more balance from the maple tops. The CU24 S2 delivers that in spades. And having ONE volume and ONE tone knob makes this guitar really really easy to dial something in. I waited and waited for the Whale Blue to become available and am so glad I did. With its custom-wound pickups, S2 tremolo, and comfortable Pattern Regular neck profile, the PRS S2 Custom 24 is ready to gig. 3 of 4 people (75%) people found this review helpful. I love it. That’s probably because they were trying to keep it as traditional and inexpensive as possible though, to be fair. The bridge pickup is actually ceramic, which is great because it does deliver the saturation required for everything up through old school metal. I just got back into guitar about 2 years ago. I play progressive metal, and have played ESP, Ibanez, Music Man, Jackson, and Schecter. I think the price on this is just about right, it would be nice if it were a couple hundred dollars less, but isn't that the case with everything? 40+ years. 6 of 6 people (100%) people found this review helpful. And with its a great neck profile, super-stable vibrato, locking tuners and sweet finish, the S2 Custom 24 feels very much the pro-quality instrument from a company whose 35 years have been well spent pushing at … Prior to this recent purchase of the S2, I purchased the new PRS SE about a year ago. With that said, there is not really ONE defining guitar. I just don't have the dough to get the PRS I really wanted. Rating and Reviews: PRS S2 Custom 24 Meet the workhorse PRS guitar. © 2020 Wired Guitarist, All rights reserved. Did you? I also want to say how awesome zZounds is as well, these guys had it packed and shipped out the same day as the order was placed. Check out our current inventory of PRS by clicking here! I plan to dump these Korean PUPs (sorry PRS, im just not buying the song and dance about how you resigned them from the ground up to be for the S2 line. I think this is just about the perfect neck, you have plenty to hold on to for power chords but at the same time you can shread all day long on it with no problem. Designed around the guitar that started it all, the Custom 24, this limited-edition model captures the foundational elements of the iconic model and adds the musical functionality of the Paul’s Guitar, creating a new, versatile platform. It doesnt sounds as FAT or warm as a Les Paul Traditional/Studio (depending on PUPS) but pretty close. I've been playing for 14 years. Gibson Les Paul Signature T w/ Classic 57's Did you? Did you? I like the locking tuners and the coil tap switch on the tone control that allows to split the humbers to single coil. Nope, it's pefect! No fret buzz, no tuning issues, beautiful finish and tone and sustain. The guitar features locking tuners which are based on the PRS phase 2's, these things work great and make changing strings a 30 second affair. The wow factor is pretty big on this guitar, with the absolutely flawless finish, the nice grain to the top, and the awesome solid white bird inlays on a very dark rosewood fretboard it amazes everyone who sees it. Been playing 37 years most of which has been in church bands. Do you want a PRS S2? A temporary customer reference number is assigned to each customer only while they are shopping on At first I thought the pickups were a bit too muddy and had some question as to whether I should replace them but after adjusting my amp a bit I found the balance and now find that these pickups have a very thick muscular bottom end that just screams on the top. but if it matters to you, for your own personal reasons, then here's my best shot at laying it out. Every one I’ve played has been better than many US Custom shops as well. Guitar arrived when expected and was double-package which was great. Let’s see how they stack up to the CU24, shall we? I've been playing guitars for 40 years,not a rock star,but I do it for a living. I'll list them so you know what I'm comparing this PRS to. you may find it lacking for some parts. At this price you can get a Fender standard or an entry level Gibson but you will have to set up those guitars, there great guitars but when you buy this it's dead on set up and ready, this guitar has more going for it than the competition period. Tone wise the pickups remind me of a low output 57 but with a little more stink to it. dont be afraid to open the back of your guitar and take a peek. Did you? Then came the Zounds payment plans, and the PRS S2 line. This guitar plays like a dream! So time would be better spent comparing this to other similar US-made guitars. PRS Guitars Limited Lifetime Warranty PRS Guitars warrants this guitar to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the limitations contained herein. It has enough drive to get the job done, but isn’t quite enough for a super tight tone, and lacks a bit of low end chunk as well. 20 years of playing, currently rhythm guitar player for the band Years OF Sorrow. the end has a very wide stopping end. Have not had to contact them yet and I don't see having to anytime in the near future. I got this guitar almost a month ago in McCarty tobacco burst and I just love it! The S2 Custom 24 is ideal for the gigging guitarist, or the player who needs a guitar that can cover most styles. I have mine in BLK/GRY. It needed no set up for the action because it was spot on!

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