06 ($0.80/Boxes) Get it as soon as Wed, Sep 30. Custom sizes also available - click here for a free quote or call us on 01332 821200; Please note that these boxes come banded in plastic strapping which can be recycled in … We created Econoflex, made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, because we care deeply about our ecological footprint. This range of econoBOX cartons is durable and suitable for general packing and storage use, and is available from stock in a variety of sizes. If yes, then your design is "full-coverage." Please email, chat or call us anytime. Use shipping or strong packing tape to secure boxes loose sides/ends. If you input box dimensions that we cannot cut or cannot print, you will see an error message. By switching to packaging that's manufactured from 100% recycled cardboard, you can help make your business that little bit more environmentally friendly. We can custom brand shipping boxes! With an instant preview and quote, you'll be ready to order and delighted by the low prices. EcoEnclose is proud to offer 100% recycled custom boxes for shipping in all styles, sizes, and configurations you can imagine. Accepted waste Shipping materials such as stretch wrap, bubble wrap, packing foam, shipping peanuts, bubble wrap, air cushions and tape dispensers. As such, oversize boxes can often be cut, but are extremely expensive to ship. It’s very frugal and a great way to upcycle. Note that when the height + width is over 30 AND the box length + width is over 30, the box may become extremely expensive to ship, because two dimensions exceed carriers’ oversize package parameters. Sustainable durability that makes your brand stand out while safely shipping your product. Email us atdesign@ecoenclose.com. So your unique products can fit perfectly in … We are passionate about sustainability and committed to sourcing all of our corrugated and paper-based materials in North America with the highest recycled content whenever possible. Hours: 9AM – 4PM. Frequently asked questions about our Econoflex Shipping Box; a sturdy and economical choice for shipping bulky items. To order your boxes in 100% recycled cardboard, you can still use the normal ordering process as this board is now standard across most of the range. For 23ECTB flute boxes, the height must be greater than or equal to 1.75 inches. 100% Recycled Kraft Stripe. All you need is your product, your desired packaging and your design - we’ll take care of the rest. Request a custom quote. By using recycled boxes, you have a much smaller impact on the environment and … Cheap USED boxes for moving and storage for sale near you. Made with 100% recycled, 32 ECT corrugated cardboard, Econoflex shipping boxes protect your precious cargo door-to-door and naturally biodegrade over time. : Free Shipping materials are DELIVERED TO YOU! Upload your own logo to our custom shipping boxes or choose from our holiday decorative boxes in festive prints. Looking for a multi-panel box print but not sure if your design is a "mid coverage" or "full coverage" print? Candy Boxes. Let us help you save time, money and hassle by providing you with a variety of top quality used boxes. Our innovative Econoflex print technology achieves crisp, fine lines and half-tone designs, comparable to flexographic printing. Start building your perfectly sized, custom cut corrugated shipping box! Whether you're shipping cured meats, sparkling sodas, or beauty supplies, Econoflex shippers offer convenient stock sizing. Our Earth-Friendly Moving Kits include USED cardboard boxes of various sizes, along with the moving supplies to … Shipping? Don’t see your desired size or material? Storing? Corrugated Die Cut Mailers (Kraft) Custom Size and/or Custom Printed. Pratt PRA0016 Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Single Wall Standard Box with C Flute, 8" Length x 6" Width x 4" Height, (Pack of 25) 4.7 out of 5 stars 351. They can handle that, too. ECT refers to the "Edge Crush Test" that measures the strength of a piece of cardboard edge to edge (against the “grain” of the ridges, known as “flutes,” between the outer sheets) when compressed. Find our full list of art specs and requirements for custom branded packaging here. Does your design include any two non-adjacent panels? Algae Ink captures more carbon than is used to produce it! Our box designer will automatically convert it into a single-color (black), half-tone design. Either the box height + width is between 8.5 and 33.75 AND the box length + width is between 7.25 and 45.75 -OR-. White or craft glue. Free materials are available ! Need bulky custom inserts? Step 1: Find the flap on the inside where they seam… EcoEnclose is proud to offer 100% recycled custom boxes for shipping in all styles, sizes, and configurations you can imagine. We know this can get confusing! What To Do About Marine Plastic Pollution, Whitepaper: Bioplastic Are Not a Silver Bullet Solution, Biodegradable Plastic is Not Plastic-Free, Definitive Guide to Void Fill and Cushioning, art specs and requirements for custom branded packaging here, Shipping Box Printing Plate Pricing Tables, 100% recycled content, 95% post-consumer waste, Compostable (though recycling is preferred), Height * 3 + Width * 2 is between 8.5 and 33.75, Length + Height * 4 is between 7.25 and 45.75, Width / 2 is over 2 OR Width / 2 > Height, Height * 3 + Width * 2 is between 7.25 and 45.75, Length + Height * 4 is between 8.5 and 33.75, Either the box height + width is less than or equal to 48 AND the box width * 2 + box length * 2 + 1.5 less than or equal to 96 -OR-, The box height + width is less than or equal to 96 AND the box width * 2 + box length * 2 + 1.5 less than or equal to 48.

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