It's frustrating to remove hair from the wheels of an office chair… Cleaning the casters is key. The wheel was likely mankind's first invention but these tandem wheels so typical of any rolling office chair quickly get clogged up with pet hair and dirt until they will hardly roll at all. As designer Kim Myles of "Home Made Simple" knows firsthand, pet hair becomes an inevitable part of the décor when you have a cat or dog in the house. Clean the casters (the little wheels at the base of the chair). Most of us haul out … Lay your chair on its' side and examine the wheel. Pet hair on furniture is not. Most of this debris is easily dissolved by a cleaning solution, but stray hair always puts up a fight. They often get clogged with fibers from dust, hair, pet fur, and/or carpet on the floor. Due to their rolling action, office chair wheels collect so much debris and with time it clogs up your wheels. I got some hair stuck in the wheels of a computer armchair, which I'm having trouble removing. Tried to remove hair with thin scissors - got rid of the most of it, but still a bunch of it left there. Turn the chair on its side so you can easily access the problematic wheel or wheels. Tried to completely remove the wheels from the axle - and they won't come off. Is there any hair … Easier access.

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