Whether a particular condition amounts to a disease of the mind within the Rules is not a medical but a legal question to be decided in accordance with the ordinary rules of interpretation. We must concentrate our mind's eye totally upon the most insignificant and easiest of matters, and dwell on them long enough to acquire the habit of intuiting the truth distinctly and clearly. 2. Rule X. Because the Game is widespread in certain areas, talking about it at all is seen as being super-annoying by some. It includes a book, a feature-length documentary film, and a series of interactive tutorials. A method is defined as a set of reliable and simple rules. So “Rule your mind or it will rule you” is a summary or paraphrase of Horace, rather than a direct translation. Over the next few decades, however, the paraphrase in the index tended to presented as a quote from Horace. Descartes' Rules for the Direction of the Mind (Regulae ad Directionem Ingenii) was written in Latin, probably in 1628 or a few years earlier, but was not published during the author's lifetime. While this isn't against the rules (there are only three rules in the Game), keep in mind that some Game forums frown upon this. In 1628 or a few years earlier, René Descartes began work on an unfinished treatise regarding the proper method for scientific and philosophical thinking entitled Regulae ad directionem ingenii, or Rules for the Direction of the Mind.This work outlined the basis for his later work on complex problems of mathematics, science, and philosophy. I can’t think of anything the Buddha said that’s a direct parallel to this paraphrase, although he did sometimes compare spiritual training to training an animal. Brain Rules by John J. Medina is a multimedia project explaining how the brain works. Always announce when you lose. Rule IX. Discuss the Game with caution. The human mind begins life in a pure state, and from the moment learning starts, the mind grows clouded. B rain Rules is a fascinating book that explores twelve simple principles to help us make the best use of our brains, enabling us to become better teachers, students, parents and business leaders.. Find below a short review of the book, along with a mind map summary created by Litemind reader Johan D’Haeseleer. The 12 Brain Rules. Rule 4 proposes that the mind requires a fixed method to discover truth. Announcing "I lost The Game!" The goal of study through the method is to attain knowledge of all things. A Dutch translation of the work appeared in Holland in 1684, and the first Latin edition was published in Amsterdam by P. and J. Blaeu in 1701.

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