They cover a host of actions—from taking a screenshot to opening the Launchpad interface. Any of them can be enabled and disabled using the check boxes in the dialog. This, however, may result in your computer slowing down or even crashing, depending on what programs or actions the shortcuts trigger, so it’s better to keep combinations unique. Anything you type in the KeyPad window will now go to your phone.Switch to another app in the Mac and KeyPad will disconnect.KeyPad will work with your country's keyboard layout. Check the box next to “Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” Now you can click on the language flag in your menu bar and choose Show Keyboard Viewer. Thank you! Finally, use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the dialog box to choose whether the shortcuts apply to all Word documents (the Normal.dotm template) or just the current one (Document1 or whatever the currently opened file is called). Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Select a network. To find the feature inside Word, you’ll need to choose Tools, then Customize keyboard. If you connect to an iPad you have full mouse and keyboard control. Added support for M1 Mac's.Minor UI Updates. It holds the connection with the phone/ipad so when you switch to the app with the hotkey or command tab the connection is instantaneous. One of our favorites is Alfred, which will be familiar to macOS power users. All in all, KeyPad is better than I expected and completely worth the In-App Purchase. To delete it, select it and hit Delete. 2) Make sure you’re on the Input Sources tab. The last popup will ask you to select your preferred type of keyboard. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. It requires selecting the correct keyboard on the Phone. Access your keyboard settings. If the macOS shortcut tool doesn’t cover everything you need, there are plenty of third-party programs around to help you out. It’s $36, but it’s a very comprehensive tool, and you can try it for free. In this article we help you understand the differences so you can use your Mac keyboard with Windows. The interactive display will appear, showing all the keyboard symbols and altering the view in real time when you use modifier keys. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Keyboard. See also Apple Support article: How to identify your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard or trackpad. Click "Launch Bluetooth Settings" on the Mac (Makes KeyPad discoverable over Bluetooth)3. go the phones' Bluetooth settings and connect to the Mac.That's it; you're done! To assign a new shortcut to an action that doesn’t already have one, click its entry in the list and choose Add Shortcut. Your selected shortcuts can launch menu items, interface panels (like Layers or History), and specific tools—select an entry in the list on the screen, click Add Shortcut, and then press your chosen combination of keys. It will show the matching keyboard layout option/s on the right. Click App Shortcuts, then the plus button down at the bottom to create new shortcuts for your installed apps. 31 Mac keyboard shortcuts business users need to know (free PDF) ... Use the arrow keys (or Control+Option+Arrow up/down/right/left) to select your language, and then press Enter. This is exciting, but before you dive in and make your own macOS shortcuts, we’d recommend familiarizing yourself with the ones already available. If it does not work for you please send me a note at our support webpage, or an email to If you select your country's keyboard layout, keys like "£" work correctly.KeyPad is for you:If you prefer to type with a keyboard instead of using your thumbs.If you prefer that notifications from WhatsApp and Messages remain on the Phone.If you don't want to see personal notifications on the Mac while doing a presentation.If you do not want to carry around an extra keyboard and mouse for your iPad.If you want to see how the iPad keyboard and mouse features work.If you have ever wished you had just one more Bluetooth keyboard.If you prefer to type instead of use voice on your Apple TV or Fire TV.If you use a screen mirror software to record a phone screen and wish you could interact with the phone.Verified support:iPad keyboard and mouseiPhone keyboard and mouse (requires accessibility for mouse)Apple TV Keyboard (mouse not supported)All major brand TVsAll smartphones and tabletsTV and Media players like Roku, FireTV, Nexus Player.Most android TV boxes.In-App Purchases:KeyPad is free for a single device. Keyboard Maestro is slightly more complicated in terms of building actions, so if you don’t find it as intuitive as Alfred, you can get more information on how the app works by clicking on Tutorial from the Help menu. KeyPad is for you: If you prefer to type with a keyboard instead of using your … There, you’ll see a list with the shortcuts already enabled on the system. The free version flawlessly does the one thing i needed: being able to use a real keyboard for input into my iPhone. 3) Click the plus sign button on the bottom left. The Easy-Switch name comes from an actual switch found on this keyboard which allows you to seamlessly change between your Mac, iPad or iPhone to keep typing without interruptions. Don't buy a bluetooth keyboard when you can just use your Mac keyboard (and mouse) with all your devices. Do tell your friends about KeyPad. Not with this tool, anyway. To get the Keyboard Viewer to appear you first need to go to System Preferences and choose Keyboard. Release the N key when you see the choices appear. You can use Keyboard preferences to open Keyboard Setup Assistant and specify the keyboard type. This will open the keyboard identification window. Perhaps you too have frowned whenever you think about those seemingly wasted seconds spent moving your hands from your keyboard to your mouse and back again, over and over and over. If you try to assign a keyboard shortcut that’s already in use, macOS will warn you with a message on the screen. It requires selecting the correct keyboard on the Phone. Another alternative is Keyboard Maestro. I frequently use my iPad next to my Mac. To get started, open up System Preferences from the Apple menu, then choose Keyboard and Shortcuts. Launch KeyPad preferences2. If you have Adobe Photoshop on your Mac, you can set up customized shortcuts to get to your favorite tools more quickly. Please send me email at, I would like to understand the reason your would like a smaller window. If the action you want isn’t listed on a menu, you can’t create a shortcut to it. Make sure to use unique combinations, as any new ones you create will override the old ones. Click on “Keyboard” Choose the “Keyboard” tab and then click on the “Modifier Keys” button in the lower right corner of the preference panel; Choose the PC keyboard from the “Select Keyboard” dropdown menu at the top of the Modifier keys screen to insure you are modifying the proper keyboard connected to the Mac I also appreciate that the developer expresses concerns about security and privacy; I stopped using the previous app because of a security concern I found.

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