If you know a Guitarist – why not play this tune as a duo? Guitar (Music Notation and Tab) [Em C Am F Dm E D C#m A B C# G#m] Chords for Spanish Romance (on Ukulele) with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. ONLINE LESSONS NOW AVAILABLE! Try this… Learn chord melody, theory, strumming, performance and more! Learn to play beautiful solo ukulele arrangements! . These notes we can transfer onto the uke directly. It is just transposed from Em to Am, so all credits are for the original author. This is a second version of Romanza – this time – instead of being based on the Guitar Tab of the best known Guitar arrangement – I’ve written it in the original key (E minor) which gives us a different range of chord shapes. While he was playing it I started thinking, “Gee, I sure am missing those root notes!” Suddenly an idea hit me. My dad was around 30 years old when he started playing guitar. 1.2k. Be sure not to miss a thing! Let’s take a look at the GUITAR tablature for Spanish Romance to see if there there is anything we can play directly on the ukulele. “What if we tune the G string on the uke (4th string) up to an A note? We will be able to use it to play the roots. In 2013 he released a CD, Guido Heistek – Solo Ukulele. Notice that the tablature for the first three strings is identical to the guitar version! This is the ukulele tab version of the existing, popular UG guitar tab of the "spanish romance". He knew that he could play everything as it was written on the top three strings. Saved by Annyway Boutique. Jus love the spanish classical stuff and you did a nice job, enjoyed it very much!! Cool, eh? Dec 22, 2012 - "Spanish Romance" Ukulele Sheet Music - Free Printable. I’m sure I am not the only one to have tried this but I was pretty happy to stumble upon it. DO YOU GET VALUE OUT OF THIS SITE? I’ll teach you the minor section today. Welcome to Ukulele in the Dark. Here is the tablature: There’s one little hitch, though. Just like in the guitar version!” It worked really well. I’d like to teach you a uke version today. Bar 9 – the melody goes to the fourth string – then with a stretch of the 4th finger goes to the 1st string. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal An adult beginner! In 2011, Guido released Hear the Strum,  an instructional DVD which teaches ukulele students how to strum by ear and from the heart. Ukulele players all over the world have direct access to UkuTabs its large and completely free song archive which is constantly being updated with new songs. Guido teaches private and small group lessons at his downtown studio: Yaletown Music . The key is changed but it still sounds like Spanish Romance. All the best in your playing! April 2020. We learned that the four strings of the ukulele have the same tonal relationship as the top four strings of the guitar. This is a shame because those notes are the root notes of the chords and help to “ground” the piece musically. Have Fun and "Keep strumming or picking them … Below, you will find the tablature for Spanish Romance on the UKULELE. Bar 19 uses a couple of open strings to help the chord change. Romanza Ukulele Tab – Probably one of the most famous and well-loved pieces from the Classical Guitar repertoire – a Spanish traditional melody un-credited to any composer. Guitar Tabs Songs Ukulele Chords Songs Ukulele Tabs Ukulele Fingerpicking Songs Romance Classical Guitar Sheet Music Acoustic Guitar Lessons Acoustic Guitars Violin Lessons. I am very grateful and amazed to find a wealth of information expressed in such clear detail.”, © Ukulele In The Dark with Guido Heistek 2017, UD#80 Gorgeous Classical Piece: Spanish Romance. In 2016, Guido released The Chord Melody Book for Ukulele. Saved from capotastomusic.blogspot.com. I’m still a little excited about that discovery! If you are a Guitarist – try the original version on Guitar and then the Ukulele E minor version. -Get a Copy-, Need help with your strumming? ————– Try both the A minor and E minor arrangements of this tune and compare sound and playability. If you would like some personalized help with your playing, set up a lesson online with Guido Heistek! Title: Spanish Romance - Free tab sheet music Author: Peter Created Date: 7/13/2009 10:19:47 AM One accurate version. He was working from the classical guitar tab. He makes his home in Vancouver, BC. Here is the GUITAR tab for Spanish Romance: You may have noticed that there are no notes on the 4th string in this piece, but plenty of notes on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings. The tab for the full version of the Spanish Romance minor section is below. Saved by Joy Weaver. Yes, we had to leave out the notes on the 6th and 5th string of the guitar version. 1.2k. !thanks for sharing...the tabs too. Guido Heistek holds a B.F.A. Here is the video: And here is the tablature for the full version of the minor section: That’s all for this newsletter. You can find all 'spanish' ukulele songs on UkuTabs right here on this page, ordered by popularity.UkuTabs is your true source to find chords and tabs for all of your favorite songs. The key is changed but it still sounds like Spanish Romance. Romanza Spanish Romance Ukulele Tab – Key of E minor. Bar 23 – Again – right hand finger pattern changes. To learn the the major section please go to UD#83. Spanish Romance, free ukulele tab sheet music. “I just want to express my appreciation for your wonderful tutorials! June 2020. First let’s listen to the piece on guitar to hear how it sounds: Last newsletter, we talked about how ukuleles and guitars are related. Here is the GUITAR tab for Spanish Romance: You may have noticed that there are no notes on the 4th string in this piece, but plenty of notes on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings.

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