Vendors: Flynn O'Hara, Lands End (900156795). Athletic Apparel Please refer to our complete refund and exchange policy at the bottom of the home page. T-Shirt Ladies All vendors are fully aware of StMS uniform requirements for boy and girl students at each grade level and will assist with purchases. $43.00. I will let you know via Guardian Glance and school email when you can pick up your order. Extra care is given to ensure students succeed academically, athletically, and personally. Holy Cross Plaid: hunter/classic navy plaid skirts or jumpers View the hunter/classic navy plaid. It is available through all vendors. These uniforms are available for sale at the Used Uniform Exchange in the school. Black school trousers / skirt. Outdoor wear: Plain dark blue or black raincoats or overcoats, suitable for prevailing weather conditions. Flynn O'Hara has a retail store at 8613 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh. Saint Michael Ladies Walking Shorts. Saint Michael Mens Flat Front Pants. St Michael’s Church of England High School insists on high standards of uniform. Services Blessed Trinity This must be removed on entering the school building. $43.00. Plain black ankle socks may be worn during the summer term. Oxford Shirts Graduation Hoodie RETURNING STUDENTS: This year you will need dress uniform attire which consists of the white oxford cloth shirt and tie for men and the white oxford cloth shirt and v neck vest for women. Denis Morris Saint Paul St Michael’s Church of England High School seeks to promote a sense of belonging and shared identity through the implementation of its uniform … Dress uniform items are only available from Flynn O'Hara. Tops: navy blue, white, or red polo shirts or blouses. “St. Click here to order online. Welcome to St Michael’s Church of England High School, an extremely popular secondary school in Sandwell. Custom face masks with school logo or in school plaid coming soon!!!! St Michael’s is a thriving secondary school committed to building supportive, professional relationships between students, staff, parents, carers and the community we serve, to ensure all our young people receive the excellent education they deserve. It is important that students take pride in their appearance and are aware of the impression their appearance makes within the community. Bottoms: navy blue or khaki shorts, pants, capris, skirts or skorts. Used Uniforms St. Michael Catholic Secondary School 240 Oakdale Avenue Stratford, ON N5A 7W2 Phone : (519) 271-0890 FOR ALL STUDENTS: A black blazer with school badge (badge available from school office). Please contact the office for the best times to visit the Used Uniform Store. During 2020-21 school year all Spirit Shop orders are taken online only. To prolong the life of your uniform, we recommend the following washing instruction... We just want to remind everyone that all locations have moved to 22 Geneva Street in St. Catharin... © 2020 Maddalena Uniforms. Physical Education uniforms (T-shirt and shorts) are available through Flynn O'Hara. Kilts The Spirit Shop at school also offers the same PE uniforms and sweatpants and sweatshirts. All St. Michael Catholic School students participate in Physical Education bi-weekly and are required to wear the approved PE Uniform all day on the days they have PE. Saint Michaels Ladies Pants. New uniforms must be purchased from an authorized St. Michael School Uniform vendor.

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