Thanks to the science of statistics, we can deal and cope with all this mentioned above information. Those who study at high school very often face the need to get mixed up in carrying out statistics projects, which might turn out to be astonishing and spectacular. UNIT 7 STATISTICS PROJECT Topic Ideas 1. Posted on February 29, 2012 by leekgroup in R bloggers | 0 Comments. Remember that any topic which seems to be valuable for the people in your area or school might be perfect for a statistics project. How many children are born daily? What kind of music most college students listen to in their free time? Statistics survey on relation to school and demeanor. Check whether these rates are somehow related to such index as height. Numberof)Siblings) 3. The webpage should not use any math at all and should explain the concepts so a general audience could understand. Some signs of high school statistics project: (, Building an aggregator for statistics papers across disciplines that can be the central resource for statisticians. How much time does an average college student spend on social media? All of these ideas depend on free or scraped data, which means that anyone can work on them. You can learn more about the way we use cookies from our. This project is a common core mathematics aligned Descriptive Statistics Survey Project. How many of them would like to have kids within the same period? /page, $document.write(col14); This project requires collecting and analyzing information regarding relations and demeanor at your school. It would probably be impossible to find any supporting facts and evidence of this idea. Number)of)tweets)made)per)day) 10. Is the risk of workplace harassment higher for female employees? Research on the connection of basketball players’ accurateness and efficiency with their height. Try to make your project full of suggestions and sustainable facts so that the goal of your scientific research was clear. For example, you can investigate such problems as “The level of air pollution in my home town” or “Problems First Nations People Face.” Dealing with the first case requires you to pick and get information on the factors that influence the environment in your area, and the second one finds out the difference in the attitude to people of different races and cultures. Find the data about the availability of social media and connect it with the measure of effectiveness in a particular company. A Statistical Analysis Project on alcohol consumption among employees with lower pay rates. The project has been completed by a high school statistics class, but could be modified for lower grades. In this lesson, we'll introduce some ideas for possible statistics projects you can use with high school students. As soon as you have decided which area of information to investigate, you should settle upon a method and technique to choose as a tool for your survey. © 2014-2020. Do your best to make this information understandable and open to your readers. So, we advise you to choose one of the following statistics ideas: Gather data on the signs of aggression in different kinds of sports and link whether aggressive behavior of some sportspeople depends on the type of sport they are into. As a final task, you might be ordered to carry out a statistical analysis using all the gathered and found data. Yes, the topic itself seems to be quite interesting, but just imagine where and how you will look for this information. 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How many calories does a person consume during breakfast? Statistics studies some digital data without which it would be impossible to carry out lots of practical applications in almost any area. Number)of)textmessages)you)send)in)aday) 8. Remember that when working on your statistics project, it’s usually a must to get advice and consultation from a professional tutor to check that you have a clear and distinctive understanding of a picked topic, style, and requirements. The Best Statistic Project Ideas for a Student From High School. You also may find out that those students admire the most are some imaginary characters, for example, movie heroes and that parents or teachers do not always come first in the list. School Census Statistics Project – working in this area of statistics gives you an opportunity to run different surveys to find and gather prominent and nutty information concerning your class or even the whole educational establishment. And if you want your paper to be successful and bring you the highest grades, do not forget about finishing it with a rigorous deduction. We offer both the possibility to brainstorm your topic ideas as well as get professional tutor help online! Very often, at the moment of finishing high school, students already possess some extent of these skills, and thanks to the statistics, which is a popular subject at college, they can develop and improve this kind of skill. Journals ranging from, Scrape the LivingSocial/Groupon sites for the daily deals and develop a prediction of how successful the deal will be based on location/price/type of deal. You could use either the RCurl R package or the XML R package to scrape the data. How does social network at the workplace impact labor production? We would like to provide you with some excellent ideas and examples for your future statistics projects.

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