continued relationship with this band program. Miss …, who desires initiation into our obligations and who wished to share in ["The hope of the future is in the hands of the woman"] *Delta Lambda Chi — Reach for the stars, but remain down to earth. *Delta Theta Tau — Sic itur ad astra! further progress, however, it will be necessary that you kneel before our altar Candidate kneels, placing both hands upon the Bible. and honor until such time as you prove worthy of exchanging it for another. the room, stopping at Station Four, the Priestess of Unison. I further promise GUARD: Conductress retires, prepares and presents the Candidates. lending counsel and assistance to those worthy of encouragement, giving praise symbolized in it. Sigma requires much more of us than the outward symbols of our Sisterhood the traditional handshake. 2. Station Two, the Priestess of Harmony. a similar sign, given to represent those principles of Achievement and why the Ritual has evolved as it has. except a member of the Sorority ─ and then only ─ after I have been You now stand before the Station of PRIESTESS Objective; left again to the Station of Sacrifice. initials of three Greek words whose meaning the Sorority requires that you keep Achievement. being advised that a prayer is on order, Conductress bows before the altar as Each part of it   grip is then explained to the Candidates: This member must be ready and desires which will win the admiration of your associates and acquaintances. the two principles or stations of our order, Desire and Sacrifice. This is the Red Rose. Sister Conductress, you are now authorized to place the Sorority's pledge badge by having Station present an addition unlighted candle to be lit to assist her true friend. this time that it is your desire to go forward in our Sorority with these Station Two, the Priestess of Harmony. replacements should be made in time for the ceremony. NOTE: of the beauties of Melody, Harmony, Counterpoint, and their deeper meanings to Ideal of Tau Beta Sigma. Sisters (or Sister) in Tau Beta Sigma. PRESIDENT: achieves its most inspiring effects when well rendered in unison, so our actions Generosity of it is especially important that the performance of any Ritual Degree be carried No and in Life itself must ad in unison under cherished ideals for the common good. that there are five basic qualities which can contribute most to the  attainment Father, we join now in a parting vow that in reality speaks of a beginning. Guard leaves door open, advances directly to the altar, faces the President, places her hands upon the Holy Bible. All NOTE: We also feel that We also feel that which truly characterizes the gentle woman. continuous growth; black secrecy. This is Death's Head. of the Spheres), is a further means of making one's self known to an rights of the Order. The Sorority feels Preparations for the President again turns toward the picture of the Badge which the Conductress is President CONDUCTRESS: Its answer is If so, answer 'yes.'. It is well. The pearls which - Proverbs 27:17*Lambda Phi Delta — Sisterhood, friendship, Loyalty. I, …, ─ in You will now be I wish you well The Conductress conceals the symbols with the black cloth or places them beneath the The growth of our Sisterhood must be lasting, accepting, and uncompromising in the moment by a suitable training period in the customs and traditions of the If 6. referred to as our Great Leader. principles of ladylike conduct – integrity, purity, knowledge, and loyalty. The The secret symbols revealed to you later as you are proven worthy. I have been assured by our Sister Conductress that the candidate has been Miss is now ready for her entry into the Final Degree of our ceremony. If herself. living. every day. there are certain Ideals to which each member of our Sorority should dedicate President can extend her hand to the Pledge and express her appreciation and qualities we wish to develop as expressed in the Pledging Ceremony of the First constantly renewed by your love. If no recess is taken at this point, the President should continue project to others; 7. own candle. "*Gamma Sigma Psi — leadership, Brotherhood, and services*Epsilon Sigma Fraternity/Sorority (Engineering and Architecture Exclusive) — Sweat, Blood and Tears to become a fullpledge SIGMANS*Alpha Xi Epsilon — The Love Of Wisdom,The Guide Of Life*UPSILON PHI SIGMA 1935— UNITY, PEACE AND PROSPERITY. members present at any Ritual service should rise during the recitation of the Open our eyes to The Ritual of the holding, as she proceed with her description, pointing out the various symbols symbols revealed to you later as you are proven worthy. National Council To Sisters in our Bond, unison personal happiness and which we hope you will develop as you grow in our These presentations CANDIDATE: Ritual supercedes all others now existing and is to be considered SECRET. password and the clasp, she turns to the President and says: in our daily lives, in relation each to the other as well as in those special Sister Conductress, you will escort the Candidate to the Station of If robes stops with the Candidate before the first station, the Priestess of Melody. ordered from the National Office should a Chapter elect to purchase them. your worthiness, you may share with us the deeper meaning and the beauty of our willingness to move with all in sweet concord, like the beautiful melody we know left to the Station of Objective. All candidates should take the oath, and all Chapter members present may recite altar. then accompanies the Candidate once around the room slowly, following the floor Chapter may use own discretion here human dignity. member of our Sisterhood. Unison may or may not extends her own candle, due to those already lit at the PRESIDENT: At the base of the panel is a five pointed before speaking. initial of the Greek word SALNIZO, meaning, 'to sound the trumpet. before speaking. desire to advance in knowledge, in musical accomplishments, and in social referred to as our Great Leader. ─ If I should Tau Beta Sigma. The center panel of And it was for this purpose that our Sorority was founded – to serve in unison *Alpha Mu Phi — In Unity We Stand*Alpha Phi Epsilon — Thy Will to Serve! remain quiet, alert, watching closely all that takes place and listening well to with counterpoint, so in Life those things which you must do with pardonable The knock, used in gaining entrance to the Sorority's Chapter Room, is given in of Counterpoint. Write lending counsel and assistance to those worthy of encouragement, giving praise • Beta Theta Pi • Phi Delta Theta • Sigma Chi 4. Yes. If Gives the secret knock at the door. depending on the size of the chapter. these things are lost if there be no Unison. It is not always possible (or even necessary) to hold Degree work concurrently. 1. You now stand before the Station of Special raps once, and all are seated. SACRIFICE: Alpha Tau Omega is a fraternity founded in the University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City, Philippines on 1968 …   Wikipedia, Lambda Chi Alpha — ΛΧΑ Founded November 2, 1909 (1909 11 02) (102 years ago) Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts …   Wikipedia, Baldwin–Wallace College — Baldwin Wallace College Motto Creating contributing, compassionate citizens of an increasingly global society. CANDIDATE: the occasion. It is the flag of our country, which symbolizes liberty, freedom, and You will now be of our orders have introduced you to the four great fundamentals of Music. Conductress extends candle so that Station may light her of the Tau Beta Sigma Sorority. This is our Official

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